Anatomy and Physiology
Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018

HTHSCI 1D06 A/B - Anatomy and Physiology

6 unit(s)

This course covers basic concepts of human structure and function, genetics and embryology through lectures, demonstrations and appropriate laboratory assignments.
Lectures/tutorial (four hours), labs (two hours); both terms
Prerequisite(s): Registration in the Midwifery Program (B.H.Sc.) 
Co-requisite(s): HTHSCI 1BS0  if not already completed
Antirequisite(s): BIOLOGY 1J03, 3U03 , 3UU3 , HTHSCI 2F03 , 2FF3 , KINESIOL 1A03 , 1A06, 1AA3 , 1X06, 1Y03 , 1YY3 , MEDPHYS 4XX3, SCIENCE 4XX3

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