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Undergraduate Calendar 2016-2017 
Undergraduate Calendar 2016-2017 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

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SOCSCI 2J03 - Introduction to Statistics

3 unit(s)

An introduction to basic statistical concepts and their application to the analysis of data from the social sciences. The use of spreadsheets is emphasized.
Three hours; one term

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level II or above of Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology, Music (Music Cognition), Cognitive Science of Language or a Social Sciences program

Antirequisite(s): COMMERCE 2QA3 , EARTH SC 2MB3, ECON 2B03 , GEOG 2MB3, NURSING 2R03
Not open to students with credit or registration in: ECON 3U03 , HTH SCI 1F03, HTHSCI 2A03 , KINESIOL 3C03 , PNB 2XE3 , PNB 3XE3 , POL SCI 2F06, POLSCI 3N06 A/B , PSYCH 2RA3, 2RB3, SOCIOL 3H06 A/B  or any Level II, III or IV statistics course.

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