Jun 19, 2018  
Undergraduate Calendar 2014-2015 (Fall/Winter) 
Undergraduate Calendar 2014-2015 (Fall/Winter) [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

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BIOCHEM 4E03 - Gene Regulation in Stem Cells and Development

3 unit(s)

Mechanisms of gene regulation, emerging concepts in transcriptional regulation, fundamental aspects of stem cell biology, gene expression in cancer, clinical applications of human stem cells.
Three lectures; first term
Prerequisite(s): BIOCHEM 2B03 ; or MOL BIOL 3H03 (or BIOLOGY 3H03) and BIOCHEM 3G03 ; or a grade of at least B+ in BIOCHEM 3G03 ; or HTH SCI 2D06  or HTH SCI 2E03 ; or ISCI 2A18 


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