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    McMaster University
  Nov 23, 2017
Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018

Honours Arts & Science (B.Arts Sc.)

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  1. Nine units from the following list are required: ARTSSCI 3A06 A/B , 3B03 , 3BB3 , one of 3L03 /3S03 . Students are encouraged, however, to take additional units from this list as an elective.
  2. Nine units of Upper-Level Inquiry beyond Level I are required. Additional units of Upper-Level Inquiry may be included as an elective with the permission of the Director. Upper-Level Inquiry courses are: ARTSSCI 3CL3 , 3CU3 , 3EH3 3GJ3 3TR3 4CA3 , 4CB3 , 4CD3 , 4CF3 4CI3 , 4CK3 , 4CM3 , 4CP3 , 4CT3 , 4IH3 4VC3 .
  3. Students who are planning to combine Arts & Science with Physics are strongly advised to take PHYSICS 1C03  and 1CC3  in Level I, in lieu of ARTSSCI 2D06 A/B  in Level II.
  4. Six units of individual study or thesis are required. Special permission may be granted to take 9 units (ARTSSCI 4A09 A/B , 4C09 A/B ) or 12 units (ARTSSCI 4A12 , 4C12 A/B ). Electives will be adjusted accordingly.


120 units total (Levels I-IV), of which 48 units may be Level I

6 units

  • Level I Electives

6 units

  • from Course List 1 (requirement must be completed by the end of Level II)

9 units

  • Upper-Level Inquiry (See Note 2)

42 units

  • Electives

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