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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2014-2015 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2014-2015 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Medical Sciences, MD/Ph.D

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Students in the MD/Ph.D. program will complete both the MD curriculum requirements (eligible for MD residency programs), and the Ph.D. curriculum requirements in order to be eligible for particular academic placements across institutions. The program will seek to train individuals who will pursue research as a major priority and to prepare graduates for leadership roles in integrated research initiatives, particularly those involving interdisciplinary and translational health research endeavors. The program expects that McMaster MD/Ph.D. graduates will contribute significantly to the need for clinician scientists in a variety of roles. The program will accept up to 3 students on a yearly basis, and reach 10-15 students in the program at steady state.

Program Information

The MD/Ph.D. program is offered in an integrated format with specific blocks of time provided for activities either in full- or part-time studies in either program. There will be opportunity for flexibility in the arrangement of a student curriculum, if requested and/or deemed appropriate.These requests will be reviewed by the MD/PhD program committee and the student’s doctoral program, before making a recommendation to the Associate Deans. The Program utilizes the established MD curriculum and the established graduate programs of Medical Sciences, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Health Research Methodology, or Biomedical Engineering.

Program Fulfillment

MD program fulfillment (in the MD/Ph.D. program)

The new MD curriculum, electives and clerkship periods. Horizontal electives (optional in current MD program, not optional in the MD/Ph.D. program) must be completed during graduate research block (3 years). A minimum of 80 hours in horizontal electives must be completed satisfactorily.

Ph.D. program fulfillment (in the MD/Ph.D. program)

Time will be allowed for attendance at regular research group meetings while in the MD curriculum. Attendance at MD/Ph.D. program group meetings (faculty and students) will be held a minimum of 3 times annually. In addition, students must complete the requirements of their PhD program, as outlined in the relevant section of Graduate Calendar, including the comprehensive examination and the submission and defense of a research thesis (the research proposal should be completed as early as possible in the program).

While completing the PhD portion of the combined MD/PhD program, please consult with each individual program office for PhD requirements.

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