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Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019

Course Listings

The courses listed in this section include all courses approved for the undergraduate curriculum for the 2018-2019 academic year. Not all courses in the approved curriculum will be offered during the year. Students are advised to refer to the course timetables available annually in Mosaic in March and June to determine which specific courses will be offered in the upcoming sessions.
Note: An A/B suffix appearing in a course number indicates that the course may be delivered across more than one term (see Multi-Term Course in the Glossary  of this calendar). The A/B S suffix indicates that the course may be delivered as either a multi-term course or within a single term.

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Courses in Studio Art are administered by the School of the Arts.
Togo Salmon Hall, Room 414, ext. 27671


  1. Please note that students enrolled in the Studio Art program must be committed to full-time study for the duration of the first two years of their degree. This program does not allow part-time enrolment.
  2. Many Art courses are open only to students registered in a program in Studio Art. However, the following Art courses are open to students enrolled in any program:
  3. Studio Art courses may involve field trips off campus.
  4. All students taking Studio Art Courses must wear CSA approved steel-toed footwear in the studio at all times.
  5. Students in Honours Studio Art must complete ART 2DG3 2IS3,  2PG3,  2PM3,  2SC3  before registering in Level III or IV Art courses.
  6. Students in Honours Studio Art must complete ART 3GS6 A/B  before registering in Level IV Art courses.
  7. Students wishing to obtain a Minor in Art History should note that six, and only six, of the Art History units required in the Honours Studio Art program may be counted toward the Minor of 24 units.


Students who wish to enroll in Level I Art courses must be registered in the Studio Art 1 program which leads into the Honours Studio Art program and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA Honours) degree. The Honours Studio Art program is a limited enrolment program for which entrance requires the permission of the School of the Arts and a successful portfolio interview. The portfolio should contain a variety of works in different media that represent the applicant’s creative abilities and interests. Aptitude in art, academic ability and demonstrated commitment to the discipline are considered in the selection process.

In exceptional circumstances, where distance does not allow for an interview, portfolios may be submitted in the form of electronic digital images or photographs. Portfolio interviews occur between January and April each year for entrance in September of the same calendar year. Only those students who call the Office of the School of the Arts (905-525- 9140, ext. 27671) before March 1st to book appointments for portfolio interviews will be guaranteed consideration for entrance into the Level I Art program. (Late applicants will only be interviewed if space availability permits).

   •  ART 3IP3 - Media Installation and Performance
   •  ART 3J03 - Concentrated Study - Collaborative Community Projects
   •  ART 3PB3 - Photography Beyond the Frame
   •  ART 3PD3 - New Directions in Painting/drawing
   •  ART 4AR3 - Advanced Research and Presentation Strategies
   •  ART 4AS6 A/B - Advanced Studio Production and Critical Discourse
   •  ART 4CA3 - 20th Century and Contemporary Art Practices: How Artists Think, Act and Engage
   •  ART 4CC3 - Concentrated Study - Ceramics
   •  ART 4CI3 - Concentrated Study - Intaglio
   •  ART 4CL3 - Concentrated Study - Lithography
   •  ART 4EP3 - Exhibition Preparation and Documentation
   •  ART 4PR3 - Professional Residency

Art History

Courses in Art History are administered by the School of the Arts.
Togo Salmon Hall, Room 414, ext. 27671

   •  ARTHIST 1A03 - World Art and Cultural Heritage I
   •  ARTHIST 1AA3 - World Art and Cultural Heritage II
   •  ARTHIST 2A03 - Visual Literacy
   •  ARTHIST 2AA3 - Introduction to the Practice of Art Therapy
   •  ARTHIST 2B03 - Greek Art
   •  ARTHIST 2C03 - Roman Art
   •  ARTHIST 2DF3 - Art and Revolutions in France, 1789-1914
   •  ARTHIST 2FA3 - Film Analysis
   •  ARTHIST 2H03 - Aesthetics
   •  ARTHIST 2I03 - Renaissance Art
   •  ARTHIST 2J03 - Architecture from the Pre-Romanesque to Palladio
   •  ARTHIST 2R03 - The History of Fashion and Identity
   •  ARTHIST 2S03 - The History of Printing and Printmaking
   •  ARTHIST 2T03 - Art, Theatre and Music in the Enlightenment
   •  ARTHIST 2Y03 - Early Islamic Art to the Middle Ages
   •  ARTHIST 2Z03 - Art and Visual Culture in East and South Asia
   •  ARTHIST 3AB3 - Applied Art History: Experiential Learning with Placement as an Intern
   •  ARTHIST 3B03 - Aspects of Canadian Art
   •  ARTHIST 3BB3 - Indigenous Art and Visual Culture in Canada, 1960 to the Present
   •  ARTHIST 3D03 - Seventeenth-Century Art
   •  ARTHIST 3DF3 - Art and Politics in Second Empire France
   •  ARTHIST 3FL3 - Early Cinema History
   •  ARTHIST 3H03 - Archaic Greek Art
   •  ARTHIST 3I03 - Italian Painting and Sculpture 1400-1580
   •  ARTHIST 3JA3 - The History of Art 1970 to the Present
   •  ARTHIST 3P03 - Issues in Studio Criticism
   •  ARTHIST 3Q03 - Colours of the World
   •  ARTHIST 3QQ3 - Greek Sanctuaries
   •  ARTHIST 3SS3 - Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Ostia
   •  ARTHIST 3XX3 - Cinema History from WWII
   •  ARTHIST 3Z03 - The Silk Road in the First Millennium
   •  ARTHIST 4AA3 - Seminar in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture
   •  ARTHIST 4BB3 - Seminar in Ancient Art
   •  ARTHIST 4C03 - Seminar in Art and Visual Culture 900-1400
   •  ARTHIST 4CA3 - 20th Century and Contemporary Art Practices: How Artists Think, Act and Engage
   •  ARTHIST 4E03 - Seminar in Art and Visual Culture 1400 - 1750
   •  ARTHIST 4H03 - Seminar in Art and Visual Culture 1750 to the Present
   •  ARTHIST 4LP3 - The Cultural History of Paris, 1789-1914
   •  ARTHIST 4O06 A/B - Thesis
   •  ARTHIST 4U03 - The Severe Style in Greek Art
   •  ARTHIST 4V03 - The Study, Criticism and Evaluation of Art
   •  ARTHIST 4X03 - Introduction to Art Galleries and Museums

Arts & Science

Courses in Arts & Science are administered by the Arts & Science Program.
L.R. Wilson Hall, Room 3038, ext. 24655, 23153


  1. Prerequisites: The prerequisite for all Level I, II, III and IV Arts & Science courses is registration in the Arts & Science Program.
  2. Limited Enrolment: Enrolment in Level I of the Arts & Science Program is limited to approximately 65 students.

   •  ARTSSCI 1A06 A/B - Practices of Knowledge
   •  ARTSSCI 1B03 - Writing
   •  ARTSSCI 1BB3 - Argumentation
   •  ARTSSCI 1C03 - Inquiry: Global Challenges
   •  ARTSSCI 1CC3 - Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Theory
   •  ARTSSCI 1D06 A/B - Calculus
   •  ARTSSCI 2A06 A/B - Social and Political Thought
   •  ARTSSCI 2D06 A/B - Physics
   •  ARTSSCI 2E03 - Economics: Principles and Policy
   •  ARTSSCI 2R03 - Applied Statistical Inference
   •  ARTSSCI 3A06 A/B - Literature
   •  ARTSSCI 3B03 - Technology and Society I
   •  ARTSSCI 3BB3 - Technology and Society II
   •  ARTSSCI 3BC3 - Technology and Society III
   •  ARTSSCI 3CL3 - Theatre, Self, and Social Development
   •  ARTSSCI 3CU3 - Alumni Experience Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 3EH3 - Exploring Hamilton Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 3F03 - Experiential Project in Teaching and Learning
   •  ARTSSCI 3GJ3 - Global Justice Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 3IE1 A/B S - Interdisciplinary Experiences
   •  ARTSSCI 3IE2 - Interdisciplinary Experiences
   •  ARTSSCI 3IE3 - Interdisciplinary Experiences
   •  ARTSSCI 3L03 - The Indian Religious Tradition
   •  ARTSSCI 3S03 - The East Asian Religious Tradition
   •  ARTSSCI 3TR3 - Trees Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 3X03 - Individual Study
   •  ARTSSCI 4A06 A/B - Individual Study
   •  ARTSSCI 4A09 A/B - Individual Study
   •  ARTSSCI 4C06 A/B - Thesis
   •  ARTSSCI 4C09 A/B - Thesis
   •  ARTSSCI 4CA3 - Legal Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 4CB3 - Education Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 4CD3 - Research and Creative Writing
   •  ARTSSCI 4CF3 - How Science Speaks to Power
   •  ARTSSCI 4CI3 - Diversity and Human Rights Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 4CK3 - Climate Change Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 4CP3 - Media Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 4CT3 - Medical Humanities Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 4EP3 - Environmental Policy Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 4IH3 - Contemporary Intellectual History Inquiry
   •  ARTSSCI 4MN2 - Movement and Integration
   •  ARTSSCI 4VC3 - Visual Culture Inquiry


Courses in Astronomy are administered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy.
A.N. Bourns Science Building, Room 241, ext. 24559

Department Notes

  1. The Department reserves the right to withdraw a Level III or IV course which is not specifically required in a Physics program if the registration falls below ten.
  2. Students in Level III or IV of Physics programs will find a number of relevant electives among the offerings of the Department of Biology, the Department of Engineering Physics and the School of Geography and Earth Sciences.
  3. Courses in Physics and Astronomy are not open to students registered in the Bachelor of Technology program.


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open.

   •  ASTRON 1F03 - Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics
   •  ASTRON 2B03 - The Big Questions
   •  ASTRON 2E03 - Planetary Astronomy
   •  ASTRON 3X03 - Galaxies and Cosmology

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