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Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019

Course Listings

The courses listed in this section include all courses approved for the undergraduate curriculum for the 2018-2019 academic year. Not all courses in the approved curriculum will be offered during the year. Students are advised to refer to the course timetables available annually in Mosaic in March and June to determine which specific courses will be offered in the upcoming sessions.
Note: An A/B suffix appearing in a course number indicates that the course may be delivered across more than one term (see Multi-Term Course in the Glossary  of this calendar). The A/B S suffix indicates that the course may be delivered as either a multi-term course or within a single term.

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Please note, when searching courses by “Code or Number”, an asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard character to return mass results. For example, a “Code or Number” search of ” 2* ” can be entered returning all level II courses.



Courses in Chemistry are administered by the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.
A.N. Bourns Science Building, Room 156, ext. 23490

Department Notes

  1. CHEM 1AA3  is a prerequisite for CHEM 2E03  and CHEM 2E03  is a prerequisite for BIOCHEM 2EE3 .
  2. Students seeking permission and/or a seat authorization for a Chemistry or Chemical Biology course must submit an application for academic permission to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology  (email: advisor@chemistry.mcmaster.ca) well in advance of the start of the term.


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open.

   •  CHEM 3II3 - Introduction to Transition Metal Chemistry
   •  CHEM 3LA3 - Strategies for Chemical Discovery
   •  CHEM 3OA3 - Organic Synthesis
   •  CHEM 3PA3 - Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
   •  CHEM 3RC3 - Radioisotopes in Medicine
   •  CHEM 3RP3 - Research Practicum in Chemistry
   •  CHEM 4AA3 - Recent Advances in Analytical Chemistry
   •  CHEM 4G09 A/B - Senior Thesis
   •  CHEM 4IA3 - Physical Methods of Inorganic Structure Determination
   •  CHEM 4IB3 - Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
   •  CHEM 4IC3 - Solid State Inorganic Materials: Structures, Properties, Characterization and Applications
   •  CHEM 4II3 - Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis
   •  CHEM 4OA3 - Natural Products
   •  CHEM 4OB3 - Polymers and Organic Materials
   •  CHEM 4PB3 - Computational Models for Electronic Structure and Chemical Bonding
   •  CHEM 4W03 - Natural and Synthetic Materials


Chinese 1Z06 is administered by the Department of Linguistics and Languages .
Togo Salmon Hall, Room 629, ext. 24388


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open.

   •  CHINESE 1Z06 A/B - Mandarin Chinese for Beginners

Civil Eng Infrastructure Tech

Courses in Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology are administered by the Bachelor of Technology Program.
Engineering Technology Building (ETB), Room 121, ext. 20195

   •  CIVTECH 3GE3 - Geotechnical Materials and Analysis
   •  CIVTECH 3GT3 - Geotechnical Design
   •  CIVTECH 3PM3 - Highway Design, Construction, and Maintenance
   •  CIVTECH 3SA3 - Structural Analysis
   •  CIVTECH 3TP3 - Transportation Planning and Modelling
   •  CIVTECH 4BC3 - Building Science
   •  CIVTECH 4BD3 - Bridge Design, Maintenance and Repair
   •  CIVTECH 4ED3 - Senior Engineering Design Project
   •  CIVTECH 4FR3 - Foundation Design
   •  CIVTECH 4LU3 - Advanced Land Use Planning
   •  CIVTECH 4MH3 - Hydraulic Engineering
   •  CIVTECH 4RC3 - Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Design
   •  CIVTECH 4SD3 - Structural Steel Design
   •  CIVTECH 4UM3 - Asset Management
   •  CIVTECH 4WT3 - Municipal and Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering

Courses in Civil Engineering are administered by the Department of Civil Engineering.
John Hodgins Engineering Building, Room 301, ext. 24287 or 24315

Department Notes

  1. All Civil Engineering courses are open to students registered in a civil engineering program, subject to prerequisite requirements. Prior permission of the Department is necessary for students from other engineering departments and other faculties.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, the duration and the frequency of activities are as follows:
    • one lecture consists of one hour each week
    • one tutorial consists of two hours each week
    • one lab consists of three hours each week

   •  CIVENG 2A03 - Surveying and Measurement
   •  CIVENG 2B04 - Principles of Environmental Engineering
   •  CIVENG 2C04 - Structural Mechanics
   •  CIVENG 2E03 - Computer Applications in Civil Engineering
   •  CIVENG 2I03 - Communications in Civil Engineering
   •  CIVENG 2J04 - Principles of Geological and Geo-Environmental Engineering
   •  CIVENG 2O04 - Fluid Mechanics
   •  CIVENG 2P04 - Statics and Mechanics of Materials
   •  CIVENG 2Q03 - Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
   •  CIVENG 3A03 - Geotechnical Engineering I
   •  CIVENG 3B03 - Geotechnical Engineering II
   •  CIVENG 3C03 - Engineering Systems
   •  CIVENG 3G04 - Structural Analysis
   •  CIVENG 3J04 - Reinforced Concrete Design
   •  CIVENG 3K03 - Introduction to Transportation Engineering
   •  CIVENG 3L03 - Water Quality
   •  CIVENG 3M03 - Municipal Hydraulics
   •  CIVENG 3P04 - Civil Engineering Materials and Design
   •  CIVENG 3RR3 - Engineering Economics and Project Management
   •  CIVENG 4A04 - Engineering Hydrology
   •  CIVENG 4BP4 - Building Science
   •  CIVENG 4CM4 - Construction Engineering and Management
   •  CIVENG 4ED4 - Seismic Design of Structures
   •  CIVENG 4G04 - Pavement Materials and Design
   •  CIVENG 4K04 - Modern Methods of Structural Analysis
   •  CIVENG 4L04 - Design of Water Resources Systems
   •  CIVENG 4N04 - Steel Structures
   •  CIVENG 4S04 - Foundation Engineering
   •  CIVENG 4SD4 - Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
   •  CIVENG 4T04 - Transportation Engineering II - Modelling Transit and ITS
   •  CIVENG 4V04 - Biological Aspects of Wastewater Treatment
   •  CIVENG 4W04 - Design of Low Rise Buildings
   •  CIVENG 4X06 A/B - Design and Synthesis Project in Civil Engineering
   •  CIVENG 4Y04 - Bridges and Other Structural Systems
   •  CIVENG 4Z04 A/B S - Independent Study


Courses in Classics are administered by the Department of Classics.
Togo Salmon Hall, Room 706, ext. 24311

No language other than English is required for courses listed under Classics.

Department Note

The following courses are available as electives to qualified students in any program:

  1. Classical Archaeology and Art History 
  1. Ancient History and Society
  1. Classical Literature in Translation
  1. Classical Languages


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open.

See also courses in Greek and Latin. 

   •  CLASSICS 1A03 - Introduction to Classical Archaeology
   •  CLASSICS 1B03 - An Introduction to Ancient Myth and Literature
   •  CLASSICS 1M03 - History of Greece and Rome
   •  CLASSICS 2B03 - Greek Art
   •  CLASSICS 2C03 - Roman Art
   •  CLASSICS 2D03 - Greek and Roman Mythology
   •  CLASSICS 2E03 - The Ancient World in Film
   •  CLASSICS 2K03 - The Society of Greece and Rome
   •  CLASSICS 2LA3 - History of Greece to the Peloponnesian War
   •  CLASSICS 2LB3 - History of Greece from the Peloponnesian War
   •  CLASSICS 2LC3 - History of Rome to the Dictatorship of Caesar
   •  CLASSICS 2LD3 - History of Rome from the Dictatorship of Caesar
   •  CLASSICS 2LW3 - Ancient Law
   •  CLASSICS 2MT3 - Ancient Roots of Medical Terminology
   •  CLASSICS 2YY3 - Greek Tragedy
   •  CLASSICS 3EE3 - The Greek Historians
   •  CLASSICS 3H03 - Archaic Greek Art
   •  CLASSICS 3HH3 - Roman Slavery
   •  CLASSICS 3M03 - Greek Intellectual Revolution
   •  CLASSICS 3MT3 - Advanced Ancient Roots of Medical Terminology
   •  CLASSICS 3Q03 - Greek Sanctuaries
   •  CLASSICS 3S03 - Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Ostia
   •  CLASSICS 3X03 - Roman Religion
   •  CLASSICS 3YY3 - Ovid
   •  CLASSICS 3Z03 - Satire
   •  CLASSICS 4BB3 - Seminar in Ancient Art
   •  CLASSICS 4E03 - Seminar in Ancient Culture
   •  CLASSICS 4F03 - Seminar in Ancient History
   •  CLASSICS 4FP3 - Field Practicum in Classical Archaeology
   •  CLASSICS 4H03 - Death and Commemoration in the Roman World
   •  CLASSICS 4L03 - Athenian Democracy
   •  CLASSICS 4MR3 - The Myth and Reality of Troy
   •  CLASSICS 4T03 A/B S - Independent Study

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