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Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019

Course Listings

The courses listed in this section include all courses approved for the undergraduate curriculum for the 2018-2019 academic year. Not all courses in the approved curriculum will be offered during the year. Students are advised to refer to the course timetables available annually in Mosaic in March and June to determine which specific courses will be offered in the upcoming sessions.
Note: An A/B suffix appearing in a course number indicates that the course may be delivered across more than one term (see Multi-Term Course in the Glossary  of this calendar). The A/B S suffix indicates that the course may be delivered as either a multi-term course or within a single term.

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Please note, when searching courses by “Code or Number”, an asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard character to return mass results. For example, a “Code or Number” search of ” 2* ” can be entered returning all level II courses.



Courses in Commerce are administered by the DeGroote School of Business (Faculty of Business).
DeGroote School of Business, Room 104, ext. 24433

Faculty Notes

  1. Upper Level Commerce courses are not open to Business I students.   and   are not open to Business I students who entered prior to September 2014.
  2. The Commerce courses for the Business Minor are open to students registered in any four- or five-level McMaster degree program. For these students, enrolment will be limited to 40 spaces per course on a first-come, first-served basis in the following courses: COMMERCE 2AB3 , 2BC3  (or 3BC3) 2FA3 , 2MA3 , 2KA3 , 2QA3 3FA3 , 3MC3 . Please note that all prerequisites for these courses must also be satisfied. Students registered in a McMaster Commerce, Engineering Management or Labour Studies program (where applicable) will be guaranteed enrolment in these courses. See Minor in Business in the Faculty of Business section of this Calendar. Students taking COMMERCE 2FA3 , 2MA3  as Business Minor courses will also be required to have obtained a minimum grade of B- in ECON 1B03  as a prerequisite; or completion of ECON 2G03, 2X03 , or   with a minimum grade of B- as a prerequisite.
  3. The Commerce courses for the Minor in Finance, the Minor in Accounting and Financial Management Services and the Minor in Information Systems are open to students admitted to the Minor. Please take note that all prerequisites for these courses must also be satisfied. Students taking the Minor in Accounting and Financial Management Services or the Minor in Finance will also be required to have obtained an average of at least 7.0 in ECON 1B03  and 1BB3  as a prerequisite.
  4. Graduates of McMaster’s Commerce programs or one of the Engineering and Management programs may take, as part-time students, Level III and IV Commerce courses (not previously taken, to a maximum of 18 units), space permitting excluding COMMERCE 4AG3 *, 4AH3 *, 4AJ3 *, with the permission of the Academic Programs Office (See the Admission Requirements section of this Calendar under the heading Continuing Students).
    *These courses are available as BUS&COM 500, BUS&COM 501, BUS&COM 503, through the School of Business, subject to sufficient enrolments and availability of qualified instructors.
    Other than those graduates specified above, Commerce courses are not open to Continuing Students.
  5. Level II and Level III Commerce courses are generally scheduled for three one-hour lectures per week; one term. Level IV Commerce courses are generally scheduled for two lectures per week (a two-hour lecture and a one-hour lecture), or, one three-hour lecture per week; one term.
  6. Level IV Commerce requirements: the six units of Level III or IV Commerce courses noted in the School of Business section of this Calendar can only be taken by Level IV Commerce students in their final year.
  7. COMMERCE 2SB3  is not a mandatory non-Commerce elective for the Commerce programs.
  8. Note Regarding COMMERCE 4EL3: Students who have been granted Faculty permission to take COMMERCE 4EL3  in Level III Commerce will have this course applied against the program requirements for Level IV Commerce as three of the six required units of Level III or IV Commerce courses. See the DeGroote School of Business (Faculty of Business) program requirements section of this calendar.



   •  COMMERCE 4FX3 - Special Topics in Finance
   •  COMMERCE 4FY3 - Introduction to FinTech
   •  COMMERCE 4FZ3 - Islamic Finance
   •  COMMERCE 4IA0 - Internship Program: 12 Months
   •  COMMERCE 4IB0 - Internship Program: 16 Months
   •  COMMERCE 4ID3 - Addressing Social Problems Through Business, Engineering, and Social Sciences
   •  COMMERCE 4KF3 - Project Management
   •  COMMERCE 4KG3 - Data Mining and Business Intelligence
   •  COMMERCE 4KH3 - Strategies for Electronic and Mobile Business
   •  COMMERCE 4KI3 - Business Process Management
   •  COMMERCE 4MA3 - Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication
   •  COMMERCE 4MC3 - New Product Marketing
   •  COMMERCE 4MD3 - Business Marketing
   •  COMMERCE 4ME3 - Sales Management
   •  COMMERCE 4MF3 - Retailing Management
   •  COMMERCE 4MG3 - Strategic Philanthropy and Leadership
   •  COMMERCE 4MH3 - Electronic Marketing
   •  COMMERCE 4MI3 - Marketing Analytics
   •  COMMERCE 4OB3 - Analysis of Production/Operations Problems
   •  COMMERCE 4OD3 - Purchasing and Supply Management
   •  COMMERCE 4OI3 - Supply Chain Management
   •  COMMERCE 4OT3 - Transportation and Warehousing Management
   •  COMMERCE 4PA3 - Business Policy: Strategic Management
   •  COMMERCE 4QA3 - Operations Modelling and Analysis
   •  COMMERCE 4QC3 - Managerial Decision Modelling with Spreadsheets
   •  COMMERCE 4QX3 - Special Topics in Operations Management
   •  COMMERCE 4SA3 - International Business
   •  COMMERCE 4SB3 - Introduction to Canadian Taxation
   •  COMMERCE 4SC3 - Advanced Canadian Taxation
   •  COMMERCE 4SD3 - Commercial Law
   •  COMMERCE 4SE3 - Entrepreneurship
   •  COMMERCE 4SG3 - Corporation and Society
   •  COMMERCE 4SH3 - Case Competition and Presentation Skills
   •  COMMERCE 4SM3 - Sports Management
   •  COMMERCE 4SX3 - Special Topics in Strategic Management
   •  COMMERCE 4SY3 - Independent Study in Business

Communication Studies

Note Regarding Level IV Seminars

Level IV Communication Studies seminars are open only to students registered in Level IV of an Honours program in Communication Studies. The Department is only able to offer a selection of the courses listed below each year. As course size is limited, seminar places in each course will be allotted in March of every year for the succeeding session. It is essential that students apply early to the Department for the seminars they wish to take.

Courses in Communication Studies are administered by the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia.
Togo Salmon Hall, Room 331, ext. 23488


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open. See also courses in Multimedia.

   •  CMST 1A03 - Introduction to Communication
   •  CMST 2BB3 - Culture and Communication
   •  CMST 2DD3 - Media Organizations
   •  CMST 2G03 - Performance and Performativity
   •  CMST 2H03 - Gender and Performance
   •  CMST 2HM3 - Human Communication
   •  CMST 2K03 - Political Economy of the Media
   •  CMST 2LW3 - Communication Policy and Law
   •  CMST 2PR3 - Public Relations: Principles and Practices
   •  CMST 2RA3 - Application in Communication Theory and Methods
   •  CMST 2TM6 - Foundations in Communication Theory and Methods
   •  CMST 3B03 - Practical Aspects of Media Production
   •  CMST 3C03 - Media and Social Issues
   •  CMST 3CY3 - Children, Youth, and Media
   •  CMST 3D03 - Political Communication
   •  CMST 3H03 - Creating Ceremonies
   •  CMST 3HC3 - History of Communication
   •  CMST 3II3 - Communication and the Politics of Intellectual Property
   •  CMST 3JJ3 - The Rise of the Music Industry
   •  CMST 3K03 - Media Audiences and Effects
   •  CMST 3RR3 - Race, Religion and Media
   •  CMST 3S03 - Television and Society
   •  CMST 3SM3 - Building Publics using Social Media
   •  CMST 3WR3 - Professional Writing
   •  CMST 4A03 - Independent Research Project
   •  CMST 4D03 - International Communication
   •  CMST 4E03 - Media and Promotionalism
   •  CMST 4M03 - Communication, Culture and Technology
   •  CMST 4N03 - News Analysis: Theory and Practice
   •  CMST 4P03 - Social Activism and the Media
   •  CMST 4Q03 - Broadcasting Transformation in A Multimedia Era
   •  CMST 4X03 - Communications for Campaigns and Elections

Community Engagement

Courses in Community Engagement are administered by the Arts & Science Program.

Commons Building, Room 105, ext. 24655, 23153


   •  CMTYENGA 2A03 - Foundations of Community Engagement
   •  CMTYENGA 4A06 - Semester at CityLAB: Design and Dialogue Inquiry
   •  CMTYENGA 4A09 - Semester at CityLAB: Applied Project Experience

Computer Engineering

Courses in Computer Engineering are administered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Information Technology Building, Room A111, ext. 24347

   •  COMPENG 2DI4 - Logic Design
   •  COMPENG 2DP4 - Microprocessor Systems
   •  COMPENG 2SH4 - Principles of Programming
   •  COMPENG 2SI4 - Data Structures, Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics
   •  COMPENG 3DQ5 - Digital Systems Design
   •  COMPENG 3DR4 - Computer Organization
   •  COMPENG 3SK3 - Computer-Aided Engineering
   •  COMPENG 4DK4 - Computer Communication Networks
   •  COMPENG 4DM4 - Computer Architecture
   •  COMPENG 4DN4 - Advanced Internet Communications
   •  COMPENG 4DS4 - Embedded Systems
   •  COMPENG 4EK4 - Microelectronics
   •  COMPENG 4OH4 - Advanced Research Project
   •  COMPENG 4OJ4 - Research Project
   •  COMPENG 4OK4 - Research Project
   •  COMPENG 4TL4 - Digital Signal Processing
   •  COMPENG 4TN4 - Image Processing

Computer Science

Courses in Computer Science are administered by the Department of Computing and Software.

Department Notes

  1. Students wishing to pursue a Minor in Computer Science should see the Honours Computer Science program in the Faculty of Engineering section of this Calendar.
  2. Please note that not all elective courses will be offered in each academic year.


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open.

   •  COMPSCI 1JC3 - Introduction to Computational Thinking
   •  COMPSCI 1MD3 - Introduction to Programming
   •  COMPSCI 1TA3 - Elementary Computing and Computer Use
   •  COMPSCI 1XA3 - Computer Science Practice and Experience: Basic Concepts
   •  COMPSCI 2C03 - Data Structures and Algorithms
   •  COMPSCI 2DM3 - Discrete Mathematics with Applications I
   •  COMPSCI 2FA3 - Discrete Mathematics with Applications II
   •  COMPSCI 2GA3 - Computer Architecture
   •  COMPSCI 2ME3 - Introduction to Software Development
   •  COMPSCI 2S03 - Principles of Programming
   •  COMPSCI 2XA3 - Computer Science Practice and Experience: Software Development Skills
   •  COMPSCI 2XB3 - Computer Science Practice and Experience: Binding Theory to Practice

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