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Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019

Course Listings

The courses listed in this section include all courses approved for the undergraduate curriculum for the 2018-2019 academic year. Not all courses in the approved curriculum will be offered during the year. Students are advised to refer to the course timetables available annually in Mosaic in March and June to determine which specific courses will be offered in the upcoming sessions.
Note: An A/B suffix appearing in a course number indicates that the course may be delivered across more than one term (see Multi-Term Course in the Glossary  of this calendar). The A/B S suffix indicates that the course may be delivered as either a multi-term course or within a single term.

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Electrical Engineering

Courses in Electrical Engineering are administered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Information Technology Building, Room A111, ext. 24347 

Department Notes

  1. All students in the Electrical Engineering program initially follow a common curriculum consisting of a combination of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering courses. In their senior year, students are given the opportunity to customize their program by selecting from a wide range of technical electives.
  2. All Electrical and Computer Engineering courses are open to students registered in any Electrical or Computer Engineering program or the Electrical and Biomedical Engineering program, subject to prerequisite requirements. Prior permission of the Department is necessary for students from other Engineering departments or faculties. 

   •  ELECENG 3BB3 - Cellular Bioelectricity
   •  ELECENG 3CL4 - Introduction to Control Systems
   •  ELECENG 3EJ4 - Electronic Devices and Circuits II
   •  ELECENG 3FK4 - Electromagnetics II
   •  ELECENG 3PI4 - Energy Conversion
   •  ELECENG 3TP3 - Signal & Systems
   •  ELECENG 3TQ3 - Advanced Probability and Random Processes
   •  ELECENG 3TR4 - Communication Systems
   •  ELECENG 4BC3 - Modelling of Biological Systems
   •  ELECENG 4BD4 - Biomedical Instrumentation
   •  ELECENG 4BE4 - Medical Robotics
   •  ELECENG 4BF4 - Medical Imaging
   •  ELECENG 4BI6 A/B - Biomedical Design Project
   •  ELECENG 4CL4 - Control System Design
   •  ELECENG 4EM4 - Photonic Devices and Systems
   •  ELECENG 4FJ4 - Devices and Antennas for Wireless Systems
   •  ELECENG 4OH4 - Advanced Research Project
   •  ELECENG 4OI6 A/B - Engineering Design
   •  ELECENG 4OJ4 - Research Project
   •  ELECENG 4OK4 - Research Project
   •  ELECENG 4PK4 - Power Electronics
   •  ELECENG 4PL4 - Energy Systems and Management
   •  ELECENG 4PM4 - Electrical Power Systems
   •  ELECENG 4TK4 - Digital Communications Systems
   •  ELECENG 4TM4 - Digital Communications II

Energy Engineering Tech

Courses in Energy Engineering Technologies are administered by the Bachelor of Technology Program.
Engineering Technology Building (ETB), Room 121, ext. 20195


  1. Renewable Energy Technologies students must complete ENRTECH 4EP3  (a project in Renewable Energy Technology), 4RE3  and 4RT3 .

   •  ENRTECH 3EP3 - Power Systems and Electrical Machines
   •  ENRTECH 3IE3 - Industrial Electronics
   •  ENRTECH 3IN3 - Industrial Networks and Communication Systems
   •  ENRTECH 3MI3 - Measurements and Instrumentation
   •  ENRTECH 3PD3 - Power Distribution I
   •  ENRTECH 3TD3 - Thermodynamics
   •  ENRTECH 4CT3 - Control Theories
   •  ENRTECH 4EM3 - Transmission Lines and Electromagnetics
   •  ENRTECH 4EP3 - Senior Engineering Project
   •  ENRTECH 4PD3 - Power System Analysis and Control
   •  ENRTECH 4PM3 - Power Protection and Maintenance I
   •  ENRTECH 4PP3 - Power Protection and Maintenance II
   •  ENRTECH 4PQ3 - Power Quality
   •  ENRTECH 4RE3 - Fuel Cell, Geothermal and Biomass Power Generation
   •  ENRTECH 4RT3 - Renewable Power Generation from Wind, Solar and Hydro


John Hodgins Engineering Building, Room A214, ext. 24646


Enrolment in these courses is limited to students registered in an Engineering program.

   •  ENGINEER 1C03 - Engineering Design and Graphics
   •  ENGINEER 1D04 - Engineering Computation
   •  ENGINEER 1EE0 - Introduction to the Engineering Co-op Program
   •  ENGINEER 1P03 - Engineering Profession and Practice
   •  ENGINEER 2B03 - Engineering Economics
   •  ENGINEER 2EC0 - Engineering Work Term
   •  ENGINEER 2GB3 - Digital Media (Audio and Video) for Software Engineering
   •  ENGINEER 2H03 - Thermodynamics
   •  ENGINEER 2MM3 - Electrical Circuits and Power
   •  ENGINEER 2P04 - Engineering Mechanics
   •  ENGINEER 3GA3 - Introduction to Animation for Software Engineering
   •  ENGINEER 3IC0 - Full-Time Internship for International Students
   •  ENGINEER 3N03 - Electronics and Instrumentation
   •  ENGINEER 4A03 - Sustainability and Ethics in Engineering
   •  ENGINEER 4EX3 A/B - Experiential Engineering Design
   •  ENGINEER 4F00 A/B - Mech Eng Work Term Report
   •  ENGINEER 4GA3 - Interactive Digital Culture for Software Engineering
   •  ENGINEER 4ID3 - Addressing Social Problems Through Business, Engineering and the Social Sciences
   •  ENGINEER 4J03 - Materials Fabrication
   •  ENGINEER 4K01 A/B S - Engineering Report for Exchange Students
   •  ENGINEER 4L00 A/B - Introduction to the Overseas Workplace
   •  ENGINEER 4T04 - Materials Selection in Design and Manufacturing
   •  ENGINEER 4V04 - Physico-Chemical Processes in Water and Wastewater

Engineering & Society

John Hodgins Engineering Building, Room A214-C, ext. 27679

The Engineering and Society Programs are described in the Faculty of Engineering section in this Calendar. These programs lead to the B.Eng.Society degree.


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open.

   •  ENGSOCTY 2X03 - Inquiry in an Engineering Context I
   •  ENGSOCTY 2Y03 - Case Studies in History and Technology
   •  ENGSOCTY 3X03 - Inquiry in an Engineering Context II
   •  ENGSOCTY 3Y03 - Technology and Society
   •  ENGSOCTY 3Z03 - Preventive Engineering: Environmental Perspectives
   •  ENGSOCTY 4X03 A/B - Inquiry in an Engineering Context III
   •  ENGSOCTY 4Y03 - Society Capstone Design

Engineering Management

John Hodgins Engineering Building, Room A214-C, ext. 27009

The Engineering and Management Programs are described in the Faculty of Engineering section in this Calendar. These programs are administered jointly by the DeGroote School of Business and the Faculty of Engineering and lead to the B.Eng.Mgt. degree.


Engineering and Management students planning to later enter an accelerated M.B.A. program are advised to take COMMERCE 4KH3  as one of their Commerce electives.


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open.

   •  ENGNMGT 2AA2 - Communication Skills
   •  ENGNMGT 4A03 - Innovation Driven Project Development and Management
   •  ENGNMGT 5B03 - Engineering and Management Projects
   •  ENGNMGT 5E03 - Entrepreneurial Processes and Skills
   •  ENGNMGT 5EL3 - Leading Innovation
   •  ENGNMGT 5EP3 - New Enterprise Capstone Project

Engineering Physics

Courses in Engineering Physics are administered by the Department of Engineering Physics.
John Hodgins Engineering Building, Room A315, ext. 27925

Department Note

All Engineering Physics courses are open to students registered in Engineering Physics unless otherwise stated. Prior permission of the Department is necessary for students from other engineering departments and other faculties unless otherwise stated.

   •  ENGPHYS 2A04 - Electricity and Magnetism
   •  ENGPHYS 2CE4 - Computational Methods for Engineering Physics
   •  ENGPHYS 2E04 - Analog and Digital Circuits
   •  ENGPHYS 2H04 - Statistical Thermodynamics
   •  ENGPHYS 2NE3 - Thermal Systems Design
   •  ENGPHYS 2P04 - Applied Mechanics
   •  ENGPHYS 2QM3 - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
   •  ENGPHYS 2W03 - Applied Statistics for Engineering
   •  ENGPHYS 3BA3 - Electronics I
   •  ENGPHYS 3BB3 - Electronics II
   •  ENGPHYS 3D03 - Principles of Nuclear Engineering
   •  ENGPHYS 3E03 - Fundamentals of Physical Optics
   •  ENGPHYS 3ES3 - Introduction to Energy Systems
   •  ENGPHYS 3F03 - Advanced Applications of Quantum Mechanics
   •  ENGPHYS 3G04 A/B - Photonics Instrumentation
   •  ENGPHYS 3H04 A/B - Research Project in Engineering Physics
   •  ENGPHYS 3L04 - Industrial Monitoring and Detection Techniques
   •  ENGPHYS 3O04 - Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
   •  ENGPHYS 3PN4 - Semiconductor Junction Devices
   •  ENGPHYS 3W04 - Signals and Systems for Engineering
   •  ENGPHYS 4A06 A/B - Design and Synthesis Project
   •  ENGPHYS 4D03 - Nuclear Reactor Analysis
   •  ENGPHYS 4ES3 - Special Topics in Engineering Physics
   •  ENGPHYS 4H04 A/B S - Research Project in Engineering Physics

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