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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2014-2015 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2014-2015 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

General Information

Counselling Services
Human Rights and Equity Services - http://www.mcmaster.ca/hres
International Student Services - Tel. 905-525-9140 ext.24700; iss@mcmaster.ca ext.
Ombuds Office - http://www.mcmaster.ca/ombuds
Student Accessibility Services - http://sas.mcmaster.ca/
Student Financial Aid and Scholarships - http://sfas.mcmaster.ca
Student Success Centre - http://studentsuccess.mcmaster.ca/

Health Services
Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services - Tel . 905-525-9140 Ext. 24352
Ontario Health Insurance Card - Tel . 905-521-7825 (Service Ontario)
Student Wellness Centre - http://wellness.mcmaster.ca
University Health Insurance Plan - Tel . 905-525-9140 Ext. 24748; iss@mcmaster.ca
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Coverage for Graduate Students (Working at McMaster) - http://www.workingatmcmaster.ca

Housing and Conference Services and Hospital Services
Conference and Event Services - http://conference.mcmaster.ca
Hospitality Services - http://hospitality.mcmaster.ca
McMaster Community Homes Corporation - Tel . 905-578-3833; E-mail: receptionist@communityhomes.ca
Off-Campus Housing - http://macoffcampus.ca (Off-Campus Resource Centre)
On-Campus Housing - http://housing.mcmaster.ca (Housing and Conference Services)

Student Associations
Graduate Students Association (GSA) - http://www.mcmaster.ca/gsa
McMaster University Alumni Association - http://www.mcmaster.ca/ua/alumni

Other University Services/Facilities
Athletics and Recreation - http://www.marauders.ca
Bookstore and Post Office - http://www.bookstore.mcmaster.ca (Titles Bookstore)
Day Care Facilities at McMaster

Parking Services - http://parking.mcmaster.ca
Security Services - http://security.mcmaster.ca
University Chaplain Centre - http://www.mcmaster.ca/chaplain

Special Resource Services/Facilities
Centre for Continuing Education - http://www.mcmastercce.com
Centre for Leadership in Learning - http://cll.mcmaster.ca
McMaster Media Production Services - http://www.media.mcmaster.ca
McMaster Museum of Art - http://www.mcmaster.ca/museum
Office of International Affairs - http://www.mcmaster.ca/oia
Office of Sustainability - http://www.mcmaster.ca/sustainability/index.html
University Library - http://library.mcmaster.ca
University Technology Services (UTS) - http://www.mcmaster.ca/uts