May 19, 2024  
Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Degrees and Programs: Duration in Years

McMaster University offers the following undergraduate degrees:

Arts & Science Program  
  B.Arts Sc. 3
  B.Arts Sc. (Honours) 4

DeGroote School of Business

  B.Com. 4
  B.Com. (Honours) 4
  B.Com. (Honours) 5**

Faculty of Engineering

  B.A.Sc. 4
  B.Eng. 4
  B.Eng.BME 5
  B.Eng.Mgt. 5
  B.Eng. Society 5
  B.Eng. Biosciences 5
  B.Tech. 2 or 4

Faculty of Health Sciences

  B.H.Sc. (Midwifery) 4*
  B.H.Sc. (Physician Assistant) 2
  B.H.Sc. (Honours) 4
  B.H.Sc. (Honours) (HESE Specialization) 4
  B.Sc.N. 4
  B.Sc.N. (Post Diploma RN Stream) 2*
  B.Sc.N. (Basic-Accelerated) 2*
  M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) 3*

Faculty of Humanities

  B.A. 3
  B.A. (Honours) 4
  B.F.A. (Honours) 4
  B.Mus. (Honours) 4
  B.A./B.S.W. 4

Faculty of Science

  B.A.Sc. (Honours) 4
  B.M.R.Sc. 4*
  B.Sc. 3
  B.Sc. (Honours) 4
  B.Sc. (Honours) 5**
  B.Sc.Kin. (Honours) 4

Faculty of Social Sciences

  B.A. 3
  B.A. (Honours) 4
  B.A./B.S.W. 4
  B.S.W. 2‡

* In these programs, an academic year extends beyond the regular Fall and Winter terms.

** These are co-op or internship programs.

‡ Follows completion of prior undergraduate degree.

Second Undergraduate Degree

Provision exists for a university graduate to take a second bachelor’s degree. This program is normally shortened (except for the B.H.Sc. Midwifery program ). The DeGroote School of Business does not accept second degree students and encourages them to investigate an MBA program instead. An application for admission is necessary for entry to a second degree program, and it should be submitted by the application deadlines. (See Application Procedures  and General Academic Regulations  sections of this Calendar.)

Combined Programs

There is the opportunity to combine two subjects of study within one Faculty, or between two Faculties. Further information can be obtained by referring to the Faculty sections of this Calendar, or contacting the appropriate Office of the Associate Dean.