Jul 18, 2024  
Undergraduate Calendar 2024-2025 
Undergraduate Calendar 2024-2025

Interdisciplinary Minors and Thematic Areas

Interdisciplinary Minors

The following list constitute University-sanctioned minors. No degree is granted for these programs of study, but students registered in four- or five- level programs can receive a Minor designation on their transcripts following graduation if their chosen Minor program is successfully completed. Please see the Minors  subsection in the General Academic Regulations  section of this Calendar for further information.


Students should note that not all courses listed are available each year. As well, it is the student’s responsibility to check carefully for prerequisites, corequisites and enrolment restrictions.

All courses have enrolment capacities. The Faculty cannot guarantee registration in courses for minors, even when prerequisites have been met.

Thematic Areas

The Thematic Areas are designed to assist you in choosing courses in areas of study, in which there is currently no B.A. program.


Interdisciplinary Minor

Thematic Area