Dec 02, 2021  
Undergraduate Calendar 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Calendar 2021-2022

Course Listings

The courses listed in this section include all courses approved for the undergraduate curriculum for the 2021-2022 academic year. Not all courses in the approved curriculum will be offered during the year. Students are advised to refer to the course timetables available annually in Mosaic in March and June to determine which specific courses will be offered in the upcoming sessions.
Note: An A/B suffix appearing in a course number indicates that the course may be delivered across more than one term (see Multi-Term Course in the Glossary  of this calendar). The A/B S suffix indicates that the course may be delivered as either a multi-term course or within a single term. 

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NEW for 2021-22:

Looking for MMEDIA (Multimedia), PEACEST (Peace Studies), or WOMENST (Women’s Studies) courses?

  • The subject MEDIAART (Media Arts) has replaced MMEDIA
  • The subject PEACJUST (Global Peace and Social Justice) has replaced PEACEST
  • The subject GENDRST (Gender Studies) has replaced WOMENST

Please use the revised subject area when searching for courses. Most courses use the same code but with the revised subject area (e.g. MMEDIA 2A06 is now known as MEDIAART 2A06).

Please note, when searching courses by “Code or Number”, an asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard character to return mass results. For example, a “Code or Number” search of ” 2* ” can be entered returning all level II courses.



Courses in Biology are administered by the Department of Biology.
Life Sciences Building, Room 118, ext. 23049


Students are strongly encouraged to take BIOLOGY 1A03  and BIOLOGY 1M03  in different terms.


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open.