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Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Course Listings

The courses listed in this section include all courses approved for the undergraduate curriculum for the 2017-2018 academic year. Not all courses in the approved curriculum will be offered during the year. Students are advised to refer to the course timetables available annually in Mosaic in March and June to determine which specific courses will be offered in the upcoming sessions.
Note: An A/B suffix appearing in a course number indicates that the course may be delivered across more than one term (see Multi-Term Course in the Glossary  of this calendar). The A/B S suffix indicates that the course may be delivered as either a multi-term course or within a single term.

See also McMaster’s Policy on Access to Undergraduate Courses in the General Academic Regulations  section of this calendar.

Please note, when searching courses by “Code or Number”, an asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard character to return mass results. For example, a “Code or Number” search of ” 2* ” can be entered returning all level II courses.



Nursing Consortium (A) Stream (Collab) courses are administered by the School of Nursing.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2J16, ext. 22407


The following courses are open only to those students at the Mohawk College or Conestoga College sites who are registered in the McMaster/Mohawk/Conestoga Collaborative B.Sc.N program (A or E Streams) with the exception of COLLAB 2F03  (Medical Informatics) and COLLAB 2K03  (Introduction to Health Informatics) which are also open to students registered in the B.Sc.N. (A) Stream (McMaster Site).

See also courses in Nursing.

   •  COLLAB 1AS3 - Aging and Society
   •  COLLAB 1E03 - Essentials of Canadian History
   •  COLLAB 1F03 - Political Structures and Issues
   •  COLLAB 1G03 - Multiculturalism
   •  COLLAB 2A03 - Abnormal Psychology
   •  COLLAB 2C03 - Sociology I
   •  COLLAB 2D03 - Human Sexuality
   •  COLLAB 2E03 - Literature: A Practical Approach
   •  COLLAB 2F03 - Medical Informatics
   •  COLLAB 2G03 - Quest for Meaning
   •  COLLAB 2H03 - Principles of Ethical Reasoning
   •  COLLAB 2I03 - The Uses of Laughter: Comedy and Satire
   •  COLLAB 2J03 - Desire in Literature
   •  COLLAB 2K03 - Introduction to Health Informatics
   •  COLLAB 2M03 - Medical Anthropology: Illness and Healthcare in Cross-Cultural Perspective and Social Issues
   •  COLLAB 2N03 - Organizational Behaviour
   •  COLLAB 2P03 - Epidemiology in Public Health
   •  COLLAB 2R03 - Epidemiological Methods
   •  COLLAB 2T03 - Aging in Place
   •  COLLAB 3A03 - Sociology: Society, Technology and Social Issues
   •  COLLAB 3B03 - Sociology: Diversity and Inequality
   •  COLLAB 3C03 - Postmodernism: Institutions, Ideology and Persons
   •  COLLAB 3D03 - Illness Narratives in Fiction and Non-Fiction
   •  COLLAB 3HP3 - Health Psychology
   •  COLLAB 4H03 - Introduction to Concepts in Global Health