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Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019

Course Listings

The courses listed in this section include all courses approved for the undergraduate curriculum for the 2018-2019 academic year. Not all courses in the approved curriculum will be offered during the year. Students are advised to refer to the course timetables available annually in Mosaic in March and June to determine which specific courses will be offered in the upcoming sessions.
Note: An A/B suffix appearing in a course number indicates that the course may be delivered across more than one term (see Multi-Term Course in the Glossary  of this calendar). The A/B S suffix indicates that the course may be delivered as either a multi-term course or within a single term.

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Courses in Philosophy are administered by the Department of Philosophy.
University Hall, Room 310, ext. 26445

Department Notes

  1. The Department of Philosophy offers courses in all major areas of Philosophy, namely History of Philosophy, Logic, Ethics and Theory of Value, Legal and Political Philosophy, and Theory of Knowledge and Metaphysics. Students are advised to include courses from each of these areas in their programs.
  2. Students are advised to note carefully the prerequisites for all courses. Students who do not meet the specified prerequisites for a course may, in exceptional circumstances, obtain permission of the Departmental Undergraduate Counsellor to take the course. Note that not all courses are offered every year, however, all required courses are offered every year. Please consult the university Master Schedule.
  3. Students interested in registering in PHILOS 3W03 , 4W03  are strongly encouraged to obtain permission from the Departmental Undergraduate Counsellor by the end of May of the preceding year. Access to these courses cannot be guaranteed beyond that date.
  4. Students in Level 3 of an Honours Philosophy program may seek permission from the Departmental Undergraduate Counsellor to gain access to Level 4 courses.


If no prerequisite is listed, the course is open.

   •  PHILOS 1A03 - Philosophical Texts
   •  PHILOS 1B03 - Philosophy, Law and Society
   •  PHILOS 1E03 - Philosophical Questions
   •  PHILOS 1F03 - Meaning in Life
   •  PHILOS 2B03 - Introductory Logic
   •  PHILOS 2CT3 - Critical Thinking
   •  PHILOS 2D03 - Bioethics
   •  PHILOS 2E03 - Classical Chinese Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 2F03 - Philosophical Psychology
   •  PHILOS 2G03 - Social and Political Issues
   •  PHILOS 2H03 - Aesthetics
   •  PHILOS 2N03 - Business Ethics
   •  PHILOS 2P03 - Ancient Greek Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 2Q03 - Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law
   •  PHILOS 2S03 - History of Political Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 2TT3 - Ethical Issues in Communication
   •  PHILOS 2X03 - Early Modern Philosophy I
   •  PHILOS 2XX3 - Early Modern Philosophy II
   •  PHILOS 2YY3 - Introduction to Ethics
   •  PHILOS 2ZZ3 - Philosophy of Love and Sex
   •  PHILOS 3B03 - Continental Philosophy after Hegel
   •  PHILOS 3C03 - Advanced Bioethics
   •  PHILOS 3CC3 - Advanced Ethics
   •  PHILOS 3D03 - Philosophy of Science
   •  PHILOS 3E03 - Philosophy of Language
   •  PHILOS 3EE3 - Contemporary Continental Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 3HH3 - Metaphysics
   •  PHILOS 3I03 - Philosophy and Feminism
   •  PHILOS 3L03 - Environmental Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 3N03 - Political Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 3NN3 - Philosophy of the Enlightenment
   •  PHILOS 3O03 - Theory of Knowledge
   •  PHILOS 3P03 - Philosophies of War and Peace
   •  PHILOS 3Q03 - Philosophy of Law
   •  PHILOS 3VV3 - Kant
   •  PHILOS 3W03 - Reading Course
   •  PHILOS 3XX3 - Plato
   •  PHILOS 3YY3 - Hegel
   •  PHILOS 3ZZ3 - Aristotle
   •  PHILOS 4A03 - Early Modern Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 4B03 - Seminar in Ethics
   •  PHILOS 4C03 - Philosophy of Constitutional Law
   •  PHILOS 4D03 - Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 4F03 - Issues in Continental Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 4I03 - Medieval Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 4K03 - Seminar in Ancient Philosophy
   •  PHILOS 4Q03 - Normative Jurisprudence
   •  PHILOS 4S03 - Human Rights and Global Justice
   •  PHILOS 4V03 - Multidisciplinary Workshop in the Ethics and Policy of Technological Innovation
   •  PHILOS 4W03 - Independent Study
   •  PHILOS 4XP3 A/B - Law And Community
   •  PHILOS 4XX3 - Intermediate Logic