CHEM 2OA3 - Organic Chemistry I

3 unit(s)

An introduction to organic chemistry with emphasis on the reactions of functional groups and an introduction to spectroscopic techniques for structure determination.
Three lectures, one lab (three hours) every other week; one tutorial (two hours) every other week; one term
Prerequisite(s): ISCI 1A24 A/B ; or CHEM 1A03 , 1AA3  and registration in an Honours program; or CHEM 1A03  and 1AA3  with a grade of at least C-; or CHEM 1A03 , 1AA3  and permission of the Department (See Department Note 2 above.)

Registration priority will be given to students for whom this course is a program requirement.
Antirequisite(s): CHEM 2BA3, CHEM 2E03 , CHEM 2OC3 , CHEMBIO 2OA3  
Students with credit in CHEM 2E03  will forfeit credit upon completion of this course.
Students who complete CHEM 2OA3  and subsequently complete CHEM 2E03  will forfeit credit in CHEM 2OA3 .
Not open to students registered in Honours Chemical Biology.

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