CHEM 2OB3 - Organic Chemistry II

3 unit(s)

Nucleophilic substitutions at carbonyl centres, aromatic chemistry, carbohydrates, applications of spectroscopic techniques in organic chemistry.
Three lectures, one lab (three hours) every other week; one tutorial (two hours) every other week; one term
Prerequisite(s): CHEM 1A03 1AA3  or ISCI 1A24 A/B ; and one of CHEM 2OA3 , CHEM 2OC3 , CHEMBIO 2OA3  

Registration priority will be given to students for whom this course is a program requirement.
Antirequisite(s): CHEM 2BB3, CHEM 2OD3 , CHEMBIO 2OB3  
Not open to students registered in Honours Chemical Biology.

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