PSYCH 1XX3 - Foundations of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

3 unit(s)

This course introduces important themes as the foundations to investigate psychology, neuroscience and behaviour with an emphasis on sensory systems, and behaviours critical to survival.
Lecture, web modules, weekly tutorials (three hours); one term
Prerequisite(s): Grade 12 Biology U or credit or registration in one of BIOLOGY 1A03 , 1M03 , 1P03 ; or registration in a Nursing program; or registration in Level I or above of an Arts & Sciences program
Antirequisite(s): PSYCH 1NN3 
Not open to students with credit or registration in ISCI 1A24 A/B or students registered in the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) (B.H.Sc.)  program or B.Sc.N. Conestoga campus.

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