HTHSCI 2S03 - Introduction to Statistics for Nursing

3 unit(s)

An introduction to basic parametric and non-parametric statistical methods, including their application to the analysis of data relevant to nursing and health-related research questions. Computer analysis of data using appropriate software (e.g., SPSS, Excel) and interpretation of the statistical results will also be an integral component of the course.
Lecture (two hours), tutorial (one hour); one term
Prerequisite(s): Minimum grade of C- in NURSING 1G03, 1J02, HTHSCI 1H06 A/B, 1LL3 and a Pass in NURSING 1K02 A/B and registration in the B.Sc.N. Basic (A) Stream; or registration in the B.Sc.N. Post Diploma R.P.N. (E) Stream; or permission of the instructor
Antirequisite(s): COLLAB 2L03, COMMERCE 2QA3, HTHSCI 2A03, SOCSCI 2J03

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