NURSING 3SS3 - Nursing Concepts in Health and Illness III for Basic Stream

3 unit(s)

A continuation of NURSING 2NN3, students will apply deepening knowledge of core nursing and interprofessional health care content to individuals, families and communities in increasingly complex situations, analyzing professional practice situations from a variety of perspectives.
Tutorial (three hours); one term
Prerequisite(s): Minimum grade of C- in NURSING 2NN3, HTHSCI 2H03, 2HH3, 2RR3, and a minimum grade of C- in NURSING 2LA2 A/B or HTHSCI 2LA2 A/B, and a Pass in NURSING 2K02 A/B, 2P03, and registration in the B.Sc.N. Basic (A) Stream;
Co-requisite(s): NURSING 3X04 and either NURSING 3PA2 A/B or HTHSCI 3PA2 A/B for the B.Sc.N. Basic (A) Stream

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