HTHSCI 4AR3 - Nursing Research Project

3 unit(s)

This independent study course enhances the student's understanding of the research process through active engagement in clinical research, quality improvement, or patient safety research projects. Working alongside the researcher/faculty member and his/her research team, students have the opportunity to fully engage in scholarly research, which may include contributing to the writing of a proposal, collecting and/or analyzing data, and/or disseminating results. The student's plan of study is negotiated with the individual researcher/faculty member.
Thirty-six hours of research practicum plus independent study; one term
Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level II or above of any Stream of the B.Sc.N. Program; and permission of the instructor; and permission of the B.Sc.N. Programs Office.
This course may contain an off-campus component.
Students will not normally be permitted to apply more than two independent study or research project courses in the Health Sciences toward their elective requirements for the B.Sc.N. Program.

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