HTHSCI 3PF1 - Integrated Pathophysiology for Accelerated Stream

1 unit(s)

Building on the concepts encountered in NURSING/HTHSCI 2PF3 A/B, this course combines online multimedia learning modules with integrated tutorials in which students learn and apply pathophysiological concepts.
Tutorial (six one hour sessions); four online multimedia modules; one term
Prerequisite(s): Minimum grade of C- in NURSING 2V04, HTHSCI 2H03, 2HH3, 2RR3, 3C04 and a minimum grade of C- in NURSING 2PF3 A/B or HTHSCI 2PF3 A/B, and a Pass in NURSING 2J04 and registration in the B.Sc.N. Accelerated (F) Stream
Antirequisite(s): NURSING 3PF1
Co-requisite(s): NURSING 3V03

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