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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2019-2020 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2019-2020 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

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REHAB 735 / Rehabilitation Research Project

6 unit(s)

J. Richardson

Prerequisite(s): Must have completed REHAB 772  or REHAB 774 .

This course provides a research experience for students enrolled in the MSc (RS) course-based program. This course is offered as an alternative to REHAB 730  course (The Scholarly Paper) for students in the online course based MSc (RS) degree and open to other RS students with permission. During the course, learners will work with their supervisor to complete a small research project. Students may choose a research project that could be conducted in their own clinical practice or environment; or conduct a research project defined by their supervisor. Faculty will provide a list of potential projects that students may select. The project will require learners to develop a research question, outline a research plan, complete or review an ethics proposal, conduct clinically-focused research, complete data analyses, and prepare a report of their research results in a scientific format.

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