Jun 22, 2024  
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2022-2023 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2022-2023 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

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MED PHYS 776 / Introduction to Operational Health Physics

3 unit(s)

D.M. Tucker (cross-listed as UN 0805 )

An introduction to a number of topics that will be encountered in the practice of health physics. The following topics will be discussed: Dose limitation; dosimetric quantities for individuals and populations; ionizing radiation risks and hazards; ICRP-60; internal doses and the compartment model; derived air concentrations and annual limit on intake; metabolic models for respiratory system and GI tract, radiation safety at nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, irradiators, X-Ray installations and laboratories; pathway analysis; derived release limits; environmental monitoring, sample collection and preparation, and sources of radiation; atmospheric transport; cost benefit analysis; derivation of limits for surface contamination. Also listed as UN 0805 .

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