Feb 21, 2024  
Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024
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PHYSICS 1A03 - Introductory Physics

3 unit(s)

A first course in university physics, taught using examples and applications from many areas of science. Topics include the concepts of force and energy, mechanics, waves and fluids.
Three hours (lectures, web modules), one lab (two hours) every other week; one term
Prerequisite(s): One of Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors U, Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus U, MATH 1F03  
Co-requisite(s): WHMIS 1A00  if not already completed, must be completed prior to the first lab.
Antirequisite(s): PHYSICS 1C03 
Not open to students with credit or registration in ISCI 1A24 A/B  or PHYSICS 1D03 .
It is recommended that students in Chemical and Physical Sciences Gateway complete PHYSICS 1C03 .

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