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Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Level I Programs

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The Faculty of Science offers the following Level I gateway programs leading to the Honours Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees:

  • Chemical and Physical Sciences I
  • Environmental and Earth Sciences I
  • Life Sciences I
  • Mathematics and Statistics I

Review of the Admission Requirements of Level II programs and successful completion of recommended courses in Level I will allow students a range of Level II program options including those from within their chosen Gateway as well as the others.

Additionally, the Faculty offers the following direct-entry Level I programs (and degrees):

  • Honours Integrated Science I (Leading to the Honours Bachelor of Science degree)
  • Honours Kinesiology I (Leading to the Honours Bachelor of Science Kinesiology degree)
  • Medical Radiation Sciences I (Leading to the Bachelor of Medical Radiation Sciences degree)

Important Note for Level I Students:
Prior to registration, Level I students must review the admission requirements of the Level II programs they are considering. Courses must be selected carefully to meet the admission requirements for entry to Level II of a specific program. For details of the various admission requirements see Faculty of Science program descriptions in this section of the Calendar. Students are also encouraged to review the McMaster Academic Planner (MAP) at www.mapsci.ca. Additionally, the Office of the Associate Dean of Science (Academic) organizes Level I Academic Advising Sessions in late June and early July to provide Level I students with academic advice and registration assistance. Attendance at an Academic Advising Session is strongly advised. Students who are unable to attend are asked to contact the Office of the Associate Dean of Science (Academic) for pre-registration advice and further information.

Students in the Level I Gateway programs will have the opportunity to take units from the Science I Course List, consisting of:



BIOLOGY 1A03, 1M03


CHEM 1A03, 1AA3

ENVIR SC 1C03, 1G03


MATH 1A03, 1AA3, 1B03, 1LS3, 1LT3, 1MP3


PHYSICS 1A03, 1AA3, 1C03, 1CC3

PSYCH 1F03, 1X03, 1XX3



    Bachelor of Science (Honours)Bachelor of Science Kinesiology (Honours)Bachelor of Medical Radiation Sciences

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