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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2014-2015 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2014-2015 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]


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The DeGroote School of Business offers programs leading to the M.B.A. and Ph.D. in Business Administration. In collaboration with other faculties, the School offers an M.Sc. in eHealth, and a Master of Health Management. For more information on these collaborative programs, see the degree programs under those names. The DeGroote School also offers a Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting.  The DeGroote School also offers a Master of Finance Program (MFin). See the Master of Finance section of the calendar for more information.


Enquiries: 905 525-9140: M.B.A., Ext. 27024;
Ph.D., Ext. 23373
E-mail: M.B.A., mbainfo@mcmaster.ca Ph.D., phdinfo@mcmaster.ca
Fax: M.B.A.: 905 634-4985
Website: http://www.degroote.mcmaster.ca

Faculty/ Fall 2014


Prakash L. Abad, B. Tech (Indian Institute of Technology), M.S. MBA, Ph.D. (Cincinnati) / Chair, Operations Management
Vishwanath Baba, B.Eng (Madras), M.B.A. (Western Illinois), Ph.D. (British Columbia) / Human Resources & Management
Ronald J. Balvers, B.A. (Tillburg), Ph.D. (Pittsburg) / Acting Chair, Finance and Business Economics Area / Michael Lee-Chin & Family Chair in Investment and Portfolio Management
Trevor W. Chamberlain, B.Sc. (California, Berkeley), M.B.A., Dip. Acc. (McGill), Ph.D.(Toronto), CA / Director, Master of Finance Program
Y.C. Lilian Chan, B.B.A. (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Ph.D. (Virginia Tech), C.P.A., FCMA / Accounting & Financial Management Services
C.S. Sherman Cheung, B.S. (Louisiana State), M.S., Ph.D. (Illinois) / Finance & Business Economics / Acting Director, Michael Lee-Chin and Family Institute for Strategic Business Studies
Narat Charupat, B.A. Accounting (Thammasat), M.B.A. (Drexell), Ph.D. (York) / Finance & Business Economics
Richard W. Deaves, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Toronto) / Finance & Business Economics
Rick. D. Hackett, B.Sc. (Toronto), M.A. (Windsor), Ph.D. (Bowling Green State) / Human Resources & Management / CRC Chair Tier 1
Khaled S. Hassanein, B.Sc. (Kuwait), M.A. Sc. (Toronto), M.B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier), Ph.D. (Waterloo), P.Eng. / Chair, Information Systems / Director, McMaster eBusiness Research Centre
Milena Head, B.Math (Waterloo), M.B.A., Ph.D. (McMaster) / Information Systems
Benson L. Honig, B.A. (San Francisco State), Ph.D. (Stanford)/ Human Resources and Management / Teresa Cascioli Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership
Clarence C.Y. Kwan, M.B.A. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Ottawa). P.Eng. / Finance & Business Economics
John Maheu, B.A. (McMaster), M.A. (Queen’s), PhD. (Queen’s)/Finance and Business Economics/BMO Financial Group Chair in Capital Markets - Financial Literacy and the Individual Investor
John W. Medcof, B.A. (New Brunswick), M.A., Ph.D. (Toronto) / Human Resources & Management / Associate Dean (Faculty Affairs and Accreditation)

Peter C.P. Miu, B.Sc. (Hong Kong), M.B.A, Ph.D. (Toronto) / Finance & Business Economics
Ali Montazemi, H.N.D. (Teesside Polytechnic, U.K.), M.Sc. (Southampton), PhD. (Waterloo) / Information Systems
Dean C. Mountain, B.A. (McMaster), M.A., Ph.D. (Western) / Finance & Business Economics
S. M. Khalid Nainar, B.A., M.A. (Delhi), Ph.D. (Florida) / Chair, Accounting & Financial Management Services
Mahmut Parlar, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Middle East Tech.), Ph.D. (Waterloo) / Operations Management
Jiaping Qiu, B.A. (Xiamen), M.Sc. (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology), Ph.D. (Toronto) / Finance & Business Economics / CIBC Chair in Financial Markets
Joseph B. Rose, B.B.A. (Adelphi), M.B.A. (California, Berkeley), Ph.D. (SUNY at Buffalo) / Human Resources & Management
Sudipto Sarkar, B. Tech. (Indian Inst. of Technology), Ph.D. (Columbia) / Finance & Business Economics
Mohamed M. Shehata, B.Comm. (Tanta), M.Sc. (Ain-Shams), M.B.A. (N. Texas State), Ph.D. (Florida) / Accounting & Financial Management Services
Joseph K. Tan, B.A. (Wartburg College), M.S. (Iowa), Ph.D. (U.B.C.) / Information Systems / Wayne C. Fox Chair in Business Innovation
Leonard Waverman, BCom, MEcon (Toronto), PhD (MIT) / Finance & Business Economics / Dean, DeGroote School of Business
Yufei Yuan, B.S. (Fudan), Ph.D. (Michigan) / Information Systems
F. Isik Zeytinoglu, B.A., M.B.A. (Bogazici), M.A., Ph.D. (Pennsylvania) / Human Resources & Management 

Associate Professors

Nick Bontis, B.A., Ph.D. (Western) / Chair, Strategic Management
Catherine Connelly, B.Comm. (McMaster), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Queen’s) / Human Resources & Management/ CRC Chair Tier II
Anna Danielova, B.Sc. (Yerevan), M.Sc. (American University of Armenia), M.A., M.B.A. , Ph.D. (Indiana) / Finance & Business Economics
Kenneth R. Deal, B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. (SUNY at Buffalo) / Marketing
Brian Detlor, B.Sc. - Hons. Comp. Sci. (Western), M.I.S. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Toronto) / Information Systems / Chair, McMaster Research Ethics Board
Elkafi Hassini, B.Sc. (Bilkent), M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Waterloo) / Operations Management
Ying Hong, B.A. (Zhejiang), M.Sc. (Saint Mary’s), Ph.D., M.Sc.(Rutgers) / Human Resources & Management
Maureen Hupfer, B.Comm., M.A., Ph.D. (Alberta) / Health Policy and Management
Manish Kacker, B.A. (Delhi), PGDM (Indian Inst. of Management),Ph.D. (Northwestern) / AIC Professor in Strategic Business Studies / Marketing
Christopher Longo, B.A. (York), M.Sc. (Western), Ph.D. (Toronto) / Health Policy and Management
Rosemary Luo, B.Eng. (Beijing), M.A. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Western) / Finance & Business Economics
Teal McAteer, B.Com. (Queen’s), M.I.R., Ph.D. (Toronto) / Human Resources & Management
Sue A. McCracken, B.Comm. (Queen’s), Ph.D. Accounting (Waterloo), CA / Accounting & Financial Management Services / Director, DeGroote Centre for the Promotion of Accounting Education and Research / MBA Program Director
Emad Mohammad, B.A. (Kuwait), M.B.A., Ph.D. (Georgia State) / Accounting & Financial Management Services / Associate Dean (Academic)
Devashish Pujari, B.Com, M.Com, M.Phil (Kurukshetra), PhD (Bradford)
Glen Randall, B.A., M.A., M.B.A. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Toronto) / Chair, Health Policy and Management
Sourav Ray, B.Tech (Indian Institute of Technology), M.S. (Texas A & M), Ph.D. (Minnesota) / Associate Member, Operations Management / Chair, Marketing
Aaron Schat, B.A. (Redeemer), M.A., Ph.D. (Guelph) / Chair, Human Resources & Management
John Siam, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Concordia) / Accounting & Financial Management Services and Finance & Business Economics / Director, Allen H. Gould Trading Floor and Horizon Exchange Traded Funds Investment Decision Centre
Patricia Wakefield, B.Sc. (Alberta), M.Sc. (Cornell), M.P.A. (NYU), DBA (Boston) / DSB Director, Master of Health Management Program/ Health Policy and Management
Willi Wiesner, B.A. Hons. (Wilfrid Laurier), M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Waterloo) / Human Resources & Management
Ruhai Wu, B.A., M.S. (Tsinghua), M.S., Ph.D. (Texas) / Strategic Market Leadership & Health Services Management
Manish Verma, M.B.A., PhD. (McGill)/ Operations Management

Assistant Professors

William Allender, B.S. (California Polytechnic), M.S., PhD (Arizona State)
Fouzia Baki, B.Sc., (Bangladesh University), M.Sc., (University of Waterloo), PhD (University of Windsor), P.Eng.
Rita Cossa, HBBA (Wilfrid Laurier), CIM (Canadian Securities Institute), MBA (McMaster) / Strategic Management
Horng-Tzu Hao, B.B.A. (Tamkang), M.B.A., ABD (SUNY at Buffalo) / Accounting and Financial Management Services
Kai Huang, B.Sc. (Huazhong Univ. of Science & Technology), M.Sc. (Tsinghua), Ph.D. (Georgia Inst. of Technology) / Operations Management
Justin Jin, B.S. (Peking), MBA (Oklahoma), Ph.D. (Toronto), CA / Accounting & Financial Management Services
Mandeep Malik, B.A. (India), M. Ed. (Canberra) / Marketing
Brent McKnight, B.Eng.Mgt., MBA (McMaster), PhD (Western)
Gillian Mulvale, BA (University of Waterloo), MA (Western), PhD (McMaster)
Marvin G. Ryder, B.A., B.Sc. (Carleton), M.B.A. (McMaster) / Marketing
Linda Stockton, MBA (McMaster), Diploma Retail Management (Seneca College, Toronto) / Strategic Management
Peter Vilks, B.Sc.E.E. (Buffalo), MBA (McMaster) / Strategic Management
Kevin Veenstra, B.A. (Honours), M.Acc. (Waterloo), Ph.D. (Toronto), CPA, CA, CMA, CFA / Accounting & Financial Management Services
Hongjin Zhu, B.A. (Peking), Ph.D. (National University of Singapore) /Strategic Management

Professors Emeriti

Naresh C. Agarwal, B.A., M.A. (Delhi), Ph.D. (Minnesota) / Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Research)
Norman P. Archer, B.Sc. (Alberta), Ph.D. (McMaster), M.S. (New York) / Information Systems

MBA Program

 The MBA program at McMaster University was created in 1962, and boasts more than 16,000 alumni around the world. The DeGroote School of Business is also AACSB accredited - less than 5% of business schools worldwide earn this distinction in management education.

Canada’s largest co-op MBA program was established at McMaster in 1973, and today is a premier choice for students who want to gain work experience while studying, and for employers who want to hire future business leaders.

Full-time, part-time and accelerated programs are also offered to give students the flexibility they need to continue their education and become leaders in the business world and the community. Classes are held at the Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington, Ontario in a state-of-the-art building designed to enrich the student learning experience.

Students interested in the MBA program can obtain full particulars on regulations, as well as full course descriptions, from the MBA Academic Calendar, available on the DeGroote School of Business MBA webpage at http://mbastudent.degroote.mcmaster.ca/.

The MBA program consists of 20 courses; ten in year one and ten in year two. Twelve of the 20 courses are core courses, which all students are required to take. In year two, students must select a specialization and complete courses required for that specialization. They may also elect to take minors in certain subject areas. For specific information, see the MBA Academic Calendar.

Topics covered in the Selected Topics courses will vary depending on recent developments in the subject area and the research interests of the instructor(s).

There is no thesis requirement for graduation in the MBA program. However, a student in the second year may, with the prior approval of the appropriate instructor, Area Chair, and the Director of the MBA Program, undertake an original paper, research study or project in an area directly associated with his/her program of study. Credit for one second-year course will be granted upon satisfactory completion of the project.

Admission requirements/Required Documentation

  1. Completed on-line application (mbarecruit.degroote.mcmaster.ca) accompanied by the application fee ($150 Cdn).
  2. Official transcripts are to be sent by the school’s registrar (or equivalent officer) from each postsecondary institutions attended. In the final 2 years of study, a B average is recommended. 
  3. GMAT score reports are to be sent directly to the DeGroote School of Business by Pearson VUE (www.mba.com). Minimum scores of 28 on the Verbal and 37 on the Quantitative sections are required. It is recommended that candidates achieve a total score of 600 in order to be competitive. A highly competitive GRE score in the 80th percentile may also be considered in place of GMAT scores.
  4. Two letters of recommendation are to be completed by individuals who can supply information relating to the applicant’s abilities. While it is preferred that at least one reference be from an instructor who has taught the candidate, work-related references are also acceptable.
  5. A full résumé must be supplied. Candidates applying to the Accelerated and traditional Fulltime options must have at least one year of full-time, continuous work experience at the professional, technical, or managerial level. Whether applying for full-time or co-op, all international candidates must have one year of full-time work experience that has been completed after graduation.
  6. TOEFL results (if applicable) are to be sent directly by the Educational Testing Service (www.toefl.org).

Minimum required scores are 250 on the computer-based test or 100 on the internet-based test. IELTS (www.ielts.org) is also accepted with a minimum score of 7.0.

As of September 2014, the DeGroote MBA Program will be granting transfer credits (exemptions) at the time of admission for 600-level MBA courses up to a maximum of 6 term courses. Coop MBA students may receive up to 4 term courses as they must maintain a full-time course load of at least 4 courses/term. They would still be eligible to request waivers (with replacement) for any additional 600- level courses. Only candidates who have earned their degree within the last 10 years from a recognized Canadian or American University and have obtained a minimum B grade (B- for McMaster graduates) in the equivalent course will have their courses reviewed automatically for credit. Transfer credits and waivers (with replacements) will be determined at the time of admission and will be outlined in the admission offer. For more information please visit http://mbastudent.degroote.mcmaster.ca/newly-admitted-students/

Specializations & Minors:

Areas of specialization that are available are as follows:

  • Accounting and Financial Management Services
  • Finance
  • Health Services Management (certain restrictions may apply)
  • Management Information Systems
  • Management of Innovation and New Technology
  • Strategic Business Valuation
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management


Minors are available in:

  • Accounting and Financial Management Services
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Management of Innovation and New Technology
  • Strategic Business Valuation
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management

Courses used in fulfillment of specialization requirements cannot also be applied to a minor area. Completion of minors is subject to course availability. Students may complete more than one minor.

Non-Degree Applicants 

Each year, the DeGroote School of Business is prepared to admit to the MBA program a small number of highly qualified students who do not hold a bachelor’s degree. The Admissions Advisory Committee will consider applicants with a minimum of seven years of successful business experience along with the typical GMAT score that ranges upward from 600.


    MasterCourse Offerings

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