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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2022-2023 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2022-2023 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Radiation Sciences

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The M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in Radiation Sciences and the M.Sc. program in Health and Radiation Physics are administered by the Radiation Sciences Graduate Program. Staff from several University departments and from health care institutions contribute to the programs.

Enquiries: 905 525-9140 Ext. 24558
E-mail: gradchair@physics.mcmaster.ca

Website: http://www.physics.mcmaster.ca

Faculty / Fall 2022


Andrea Armstrong (Nuclear Operations and Facilities)
Nicholas A. Bock (Psychology, Neurosciences and Behavior)
Soo Hyun Byun (Physics and Astronomy)
Ian S. Dayes (Radiology)
Kevin Diamond (School of Interdisciplinary Science)
Qiyin Fang (Engineering Physics)
Thomas J. Farrell (School of Interdisciplinary Science/Radiology)
Troy Farncombe (Radiology)
Michael J. Farquharson (School of Interdisciplinary Science)
Joseph E. Hayward (School of Interdisciplinary Science/Radiology)
Maureen MacDonald (Kinesiology)
Fiona E. McNeill (Physics and Astronomy)
Carmel E. Mothersill (Biology)
Michael D. Noseworthy (Biomedical Engineering/ Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Orest Z. Ostapiak (School of Interdisciplinary Science)
Colin B. Seymour (Biology)
Christopher Thome (Northern Ontario School of Medicine)
John F. Valliant (Chemistry)
Marcin Wierzbicki (School of Interdisciplinary Science)
Joanna Wilson (Biology)

Adjunct Members

Jovica Atanackovic (Ontario Power Generation)
Diana Moscu (Health Physics, McMaster)
Joanne M. O’Meara (University of Guelph)
David M. Tucker (Health Physics, McMaster)

Professor Emeritus

David R. Chettle (Physics and Astronomy)
William V. Prestwich (Medical Physics)
Andrew J. Rainbow (Biology)

Research in Medical and Health Physics

Research groups and research facilities exist in the Radiation Sciences Graduate Program, Hamilton Health Sciences, the Juravinski Cancer Centre, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and in different departments within the University.

Current research activity includes mixed beta-gamma dosimetry, mixed neutron-gamma dosimetry (Byun), nuclear and atomic techniques used for analysis of both trace toxic elements and major components of human body composition (Chettle, McNeill, O’Meara, Bock), development of novel radiopharmaceuticals and medical use of radioisotopes in diagnosis and therapy (Valliant, Farncombe), magnetic resonance imaging (Bock, Noseworthy), the role of DNA damage and DNA repair processes in carcinogenesis and in the response of tumour cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy (Rainbow), the role of adaptive response, genomic instability and bystander effect in radiation risk assessment of human and non-human biota (Mothersill, Seymour), laser and light propagation in tissue for photodynamic therapy and tissue characterization (Farrell, Hayward), novel radiotherapy planning, delivery and verification techniques (Diamond, Ostapiak, Wierzbicki).


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