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Undergraduate Calendar 2014-2015 (Spring/Summer) 
Undergraduate Calendar 2014-2015 (Spring/Summer) [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Honours Music (B.Mus.) (Music Cognition)

Students wishing to enter this program must complete an application for admission to Level II on MUGSI in mid-March to be considered for admission.


  1. Completion of a Music degree requires considerable daytime attendance.
  2. Students who possess an undergraduate degree in Music will not be admitted to a B.Mus. (Honours) degree program as a second undergraduate degree.


Enrolment in this program is limited. Admission requires, as a minimum, completion of Music I, a Cumulative Average of at least 5.0, and an average of at least 5.0 in PSYCH 1X03  and PSYCH 1XX3 . For continuation in the program, see the section on Minimum Requirements for Entering and Continuing in a Program Beyond Level I, here .

Program Notes

  1. Students interested in this program must have completed Grade 12 Biology U, or enroll in BIOLOGY 1P03  in the first term of Level I, concurrently with PSYCH 1X03 .
  2. More advanced training in statistics is recommended for students in this program (especially if students plan to conduct independent research in the future), but is not required. Students wanting more advanced statistics training should take PNB 2XE3  and PNB 3XE3 . For permission to take these courses, please see the Academic Advisor in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour.
  3. The courses appearing in Course List 1  are specifically intended to prepare students to attend a Faculty of Education and for a career in school and music teaching. Students interested in Music Education are advised to consult the Music Counsellor during Level I for advice on fulfilling the entrance requirements of Faculties of Education.
  4. Students who intend to pursue graduate studies in music history or theory or who wish to use the music degree as preparation for post-graduate studies in other professions should select a significant number of the courses in Course List 2 .
  5. Students in the Honours B.Mus. (Music Cognition) program can only use a total of 12 units from Course List 5  as credit toward their degrees.
  6. Although it is listed as an option, students are encouraged to complete MUSICCOG 4D06 - Thesis in Music Cognition .

Course List 5


123 units total (Levels I to IV), of which 51 units may be Level I