Aug 12, 2020  
Undergraduate Calendar 2014-2015 (Spring/Summer) 
Undergraduate Calendar 2014-2015 (Spring/Summer) [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Minor in Biochemistry


  1. Students who have already completed CHEM 2BA3 and 2BB3 may substitute these courses for CHEM 2OA3  and 2OB3 .
  2. ISCI 1A24 A/B  is a substitution for CHEM 1A03  and 1AA3 .
  3. ISCI 2A18 A/B  is a substitution for 3 units of Level II Biochemistry toward the Minor in Biochemistry.
  4. In order to obtain a Minor in Biochemistry at least 12 units (above Level I) must be elective to degree.


24 units total