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Undergraduate Calendar 2015-2016 
Undergraduate Calendar 2015-2016 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Diploma in Music Performance

The Diploma is intended to recognize a concentration and achievement in the area of music performance. Students should contact the Academic Counsellor for Music in the School of the Arts for direction on completing the requirements.


  1. Lesson fees: Lesson fees are charged over and above tuition for MUSIC 2E06 A/B , MUSIC 3E06 A/B , MUSIC 3SS3 , MUSIC 4E09 A/B  and MUSIC 4SS3 . Students registered in Honours Music will not be charged extra fees for MUSIC 2E06 A/B .
  2. MUSIC 4E09 A/B  must be taken over and above the total number of units required for a McMaster degree. Because this course may not be used for credit towards any McMaster degree, students pursuing the Diploma must plan their work to accommodate nine extra units.
  3. Registration in MUSIC 4E09 A/B  requires permission of the School of the Arts. An overall Cumulative Average of at least 8.0 will be required for admission to this course.


Students should meet with the Academic Counsellor for Music in the School of the Arts as early as possible in their degree program, but no later than the April before MUSIC 4E09 A/B  is begun. However, the application for MUSIC 4E09 A/B  will be considered the formal application to be admitted to the diploma program, even though some of the requirements will have been completed in earlier years.


The Diploma will require completion of 24 units as follows:


The Diploma will be awarded at the fall convocation of the Centre for Continuing Education following the completion of all requirements.