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Undergraduate Calendar 2016-2017 
Undergraduate Calendar 2016-2017 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Engineering Physics and Society, Engineering Physics and Society Co-op (B.Eng.Society)

Admission to Level II Engineering Programs

To be eligible for a Level II Engineering program, a student must successfully complete all non-elective Level I courses with an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 or greater. To help students who may have had academic difficulty during the year, the Faculty of Engineering has a remedial studies plan (called the M-Opportunity) that provides the opportunity to repeat failed courses in second term and/or in the summer. The results of these M-Opportunity courses are used to calculate a new GPA (failed courses are still counted in the GPA). A student in Engineering I whose Grade Point Average (GPA) is less than 4.0 can no longer continue in Engineering.

In addition, admission to a B.Eng.Mgt. program requires the completion of ECON 1B03  with a minimum grade of 5.0; an interview may also be required.

Students admitted to a B.Eng.Society program are required to submit a statement indicating the educational objectives for the focus electives.

Students seeking admission to the Engineering and Management program, or the Engineering and Society program must first be admitted to the relevant department. Thereafter, they will be considered for admission to one of these two programs.


  1. The Department of Engineering Physics offers a common core with four streams of study in levels IV and V. Students may complete the required units as listed in the calendar in levels IV and V by choosing a course selection according to the following streams:
  2. Note that a course in a stream may not be taught when the enrollment is (expected to be) too low.
  3. Students in a Co-op program must complete ENGINEER 1EE0  in addition to the academic requirements specified in this calendar. ENGINEER 2EC0  will be added to the academic record for each 4 month work term.
  4. Students entering Level II should register in the Engineering Physics program and follow the requirements outlined below. Students entering Levels III, IV or V  should follow the program requirements as specified in the Undergraduate Calendar of the year of their entry into Level II. Such students are advised to refer to their degree audit for the program in which they are registered and to consult with the Department of Engineering Physics for further information.


Level II: 37 Units

Level III: 33 Units

Level IV: 33-35 Units

Level V: 34 Units