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Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Basic (A) Stream (B.Sc.N.)

McMaster Site
Conestoga Site
Mohawk Site

The Faculty has planned the curriculum so that the study of nursing, the physiological, psychological and social sciences, and the humanities are interrelated and span the entire program. In Level I, the amount of nursing experience is relatively small; the major proportion of study is in the behavioural and natural sciences. The nursing component increases progressively through Levels II, III, and IV, as the study of natural sciences is completed. Normally, because of timetable constraints, courses must be taken in the level indicated in the curriculum.

Requirements for Students who Enter in 2009 or later


Eighteen units of electives are to be selected from disciplines of the student’s choice, of which a minimum of six units are to be chosen from courses designated as Level II or above. Health Science (HTHSCI) and Nursing (NURSING) courses that are required courses in any of the B.Sc.N. Program streams may not be used by students to satisfy their elective requirements. A maximum of six units of electives may be selected from NURSING and/or HTHSCI elective courses (i.e. those courses that are not required for any of the program streams). For some courses, the amount of duplication of required content will preclude their being used for elective credit in the B.Sc.N. Program.

Basic (A) Stream McMaster Site students are eligible to enroll in the following COLLAB elective courses: COLLAB 2F03  (Mohawk site) and COLLAB 2K03  (Conestoga site). For course descriptions, please see COLLAB courses in the Course Listings section of this Calendar under Nursing Consortium (A) Stream.


HTHSCI 4NR3  may be completed in either Level III or IV.


Level I: 30 Units

(Units graded: 28; Units Pass/Fail: 2)

Level II: 31 Units

(Units graded: 23; Units Pass/Fail: 8)

Level III: 31 Units

(Units graded: 20; Units Pass/Fail: 11)

Level IV: 30 Units

(Units graded: 13; Units Pass/Fail: 17)

Total Units: 122


Regardless of year of entrance, the following courses will no longer be offered: NURSING 2M04, 2N04, 3SS4, 3TT4, 4K07 , and 4Q04 . Instead students will be required to take NURSING 2MM3 NURSING 2NN3  and NURSING 2LA2 A/B ; NURSING 3SS3 , NURSING 3TT3 , and NURSING 3PA2 A/B  ; NURSING 4K10 ; and NURSING 4Q03 , respectively.