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Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Calendar 2017-2018 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Interdisciplinary Minor in Archaeology

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Spencer Pope (Classics)

Martin Beckmann (Classics)
Joe Boyce (Geography and Earth Sciences)
Aubrey Cannon (Anthropology)
Tristan Carter (Anthropology)
Michele George (Classics)
Shanti Morell-Hart (Anthropology)
Hendrik Poinar (Anthropology)
Spencer Pope (Classics)
Tracy Prowse (Anthropology)
Eduard Reinhardt (Geography and Earth Sciences)
W. Jack Rink (Geography and Earth Sciences)
Andrew Roddick (Anthropology)
Henry Schwarcz (Geography and Earth Sciences)

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Archaeology is based on archaeology and archaeology-related courses offered in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, and in the Departments of Classics and Anthropology. It requires students to gain knowledge and understanding of a broad range of arts and sciences relevant to the practice of archaeology, but also permits students the flexibility to specialize in topics of particular interest within related disciplines. Students planning a minor in Archaeology may wish to take CLASSICS 1M03 - History of Greece and Rome .

Course List


24 units total

3 units


  • Level I Anthropology

15 units


  • Course List (see above). At least nine of the 15 units must be selected from outside the student’s own department


Please see the Course Listings  section for a detailed description of the above courses.

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