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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2018-2019 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2018-2019 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Engineering Physics, M. Eng.

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M.Eng. Degree

Course Requirements

A candidate for the M.Eng. degree is required to complete a minimum of eight half courses (the equivalent of five half courses must be at the 700-level). The candidate must attain a grade of at least B in each of the selected courses. In addition, the candidate must complete the course ENG PHYS 733  (six units) an on-campus research project of four months duration to be pursued under the supervision of a member of the Department. The subject area is to be chosen in consultation with the Department Chair and the supervising faculty member. The project requires full-time attention and as such the student is not expected to take any other courses while undertaking the project. It is expected that the project will take place during the summer term. The total unit count required for completion of the program is thirty.

Students currently enrolled in their final year of an Engineering Physics undergraduate program at McMaster University may apply for an Advanced Credit Option. The Advanced Credit Option is open to undergraduates who have an overall average (CGPA) of at least B at the time they are applying for the option. The Advanced Credit Option allows undergraduate students to take up to two 600-level courses during their final undergraduate year for graduate credit. In exceptional circumstances, students from other Engineering departments in McMaster applying for entry into the M.Eng. program in Engineering Physics may apply for the Advanced Credit Option with the permission of the Department’s Associate Chair (Graduate). Entry into the M.Eng. program under the Advanced Credit Option must occur less than one year upon completing one’s undergraduate degree and must meet the same requirements for admission as other candidates.

Transfer to the Ph.D.

After a minimum of 1 year in the M.A.Sc. or M.Eng. program, a student may transfer to the Ph.D. program without completion of the Master’s, upon successful completion of a transfer examination. The transfer examination will be completed with the intended Ph.D. Supervisory Committee. The transfer exam will count towards the requirement of the PhD thesis proposal.

The transfer exam is oral with a written report and presentation.

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