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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2018-2019 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2018-2019 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Materials Engineering, M.A.Sc.

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Research Program (M.A.Sc.)

Students are required to successfully complete at least 12 units of course work, which must include the mandatory seminar half course (3 units) MATLS 701. Courses at the 700 level are offered as either a half course (3 units) or a quarter course (1.5 units), whereas courses offered at the 600-level are offered as half courses (3 units). Only one 600-level course is allowed for graduate credit. Only one non-technical half course (3 units) is permitted with written approval from the Supervisor. Students are required to present a thesis, which constitutes an original contribution to engineering knowledge. The thesis must be defended in an oral examination, which is a public event. Completion of the M.A.Sc. thesis typically requires six terms (24 months) of full-time study.

Students are also required to complete a career planning exercise within the first three terms (12 months) of full time study. Students will participate in a planning session with a career specialist within the Faculty and subsequently produce a report before completion of the first three terms (12 months) of full time study. The report must be submitted to the Associate Chair (Graduate).

An Accelerated Option is available to students currently enrolled at McMaster as undergraduate students in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering whereby the M.A.Sc. degree may be completed in three or four terms (12-16 months) of full-time study. In exceptional circumstances, undergraduate engineering students from another Department may apply for entry into the Accelerated Option by contacting the Associate Chair (Graduate). Application for entry into the Accelerated Option occurs in the penultimate year of undergraduate studies. Applicants must have a sessional average of 8.0 at the time they are applying for the option. The Accelerated Option requires students to complete at least one term (four months) of their research project with a Supervisor from the Department prior to completion of their undergraduate degree. Successful completion of one-term 600- level half course (3 units) is required in the final undergraduate year for graduate credit (which also counts towards the undergraduate degree course requirements) provided it is listed within the Department. Entry into the M.A.Sc. program under the Accelerated Option must occur within one year of completing one’s undergraduate degree, providing the applicant and meets the same requirements for admissions as for regular students.

Transfer to Ph.D.

Students wishing to be transferred to the Ph.D. program prior to the completion of the Master’s degree (see section 2.1.2 of the General Regulations of the Graduate School) must submit a Transfer Report, embodying a statement of progress and achievement in the research to date and a proposal for Ph.D. research. The Transfer Report must be submitted to the Associate Chair (Graduate)  not later than the completion of five terms (20 months) after initial registration in the Master’s program. Approval to transfer will be determined through a closed (non-public) oral examination in defense of the submitted Transfer Report.

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