Mar 30, 2020  
Undergraduate Calendar 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Calendar 2019-2020

Combined Honours in Economics and Another Subject (B.A.)


Completion of any Level I program with a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 including an average of at least 5.0 in ECON 1B03  and 1BB3 . Satisfaction of admission requirements for the Honours program in the other B.A. subject. For continuation in the program, see Minimum Requirements for Entering and Continuing in a Program Beyond Level I . Beginning in September 2020, the Level II Economics programs will continue to permit entry for students who have completed any Level I program including the same required courses as Economics I  .


  1. Subject to meeting admission requirements, students may combine two subjects and be graduated with a combined Honours B.A. degree. These combinations are available within the Faculty, with programs in the Faculty of Humanities and with the Arts and Science Program.
  2. Alternate admission: For students enrolled in a program beyond Level I, admission to Levels II, III and IV of Honours Economics programs requires an average of at least 5.0 in ECON 2G03, 2GG3   (or 2Z03 , 2ZZ3 ), 2H03  and 2HH3 , in addition to the required Grade Point Average (GPA) as stated in the Minimum Requirement for Entering and Continuing in a Program Beyond Level I in the Faculty of Social Sciences Academic Regulations. Students enrolled in Levels II, III and IV cannot gain admission to Honours Economics programs by upgrading ECON 1B03 or 1BB3. 
  3. One of Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management U, STATS 1L03  is a prerequisite for the statistics methods course offered by the Department of Economics (ECON 2B03 ). Students with prior credit in a statistics course recognised as an alternative to ECON 2B03  are exempt from this requirement. Those students can take ECON 3EE3  (formerly 3U03) only if they achieved a grade of at least B+ in a recognised alternative statistics course. There is no such grade requirement for ECON 3E03  (formerly 3U03). See ECON 3EE3  (formerly 3U03) in the Course Listings section of this Calendar for a list of recognised alternative statistics courses.
  4. Students registered in Combined Honours programs within the Faculty of Social Sciences must complete at least  ECON 4F03  (formerly 3F03) or ECON 4FF3  (formerly 3FF3). Students who wish to satisfy the Honours Seminar requirement specified by the other department may be replace and 4A03  and 4AA3 with another three units of Economics.
  5. COMMERCE 2FA3  may be substituted for ECON 2I03  and COMMERCE 2QA3  may be substituted for ECON 2B03 .
  6. MATH 1M03  is required for any student planning to transfer into Commerce and strongly recommended for any student with a minor in Business or Finance. MATH 1M03  is required for ECON 3G03  and is strongly recommended for students planning any graduate study in economics.
  7. Students must complete STATS 1L03  before taking ECON 3EE3  (formerly 3U03) or ECON 3E03  (formerly 3WW3.)


120 units total (Levels I to IV), of which 48 units may be Level I

30 units


  • Level I program completed prior to admission to the program.
    (See Admission above.)

36 units

  • courses specified for the other subject

6 units

3 units


9 units

  • Electives

*  If requirement completed in Level I or with Grade 12 U courses, these units will be taken as electives.