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Undergraduate Calendar 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Calendar 2019-2020 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Interdisciplinary Minor in Social Justice and Inclusive Communities

The minor in Social Justice and Inclusive Communities provides students with the opportunity to understand structures and processes underlying social marginalization, and to explore the range of ways people and communities work to bring about social justice, equity, and inclusion.

Students will complete courses from the Faculties of Science, Social Sciences and Humanities that address these themes and they will be able to select courses based on their own specific interests.

Students should note that this minor is not accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education and it is not a social work credential. It is the student’s responsibility to check carefully for prerequisites, co-requisites and enrolment restrictions of all courses in this list. Students are encouraged to speak to their Faculty advisors about Faculty-specific rules about double-counting courses for the minor.


24 units total

Course List


Please see the Course Listings section for a detailed description of the above courses.