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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2019-2020 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2019-2020 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Rehabilitation Science - Dual Degree Option

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The dual degree option to be offered by McMaster University will lead to an MSc (Occupational Therapy) and a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science or MSc(Physiotherapy) and PhD Rehabilitation Science degree. This integrates the established programs in Occupational Therapy (OT), Physiotherapy (PT) and the doctoral (Ph.D.) Rehabilitation Science graduate program offered within the School of Rehabilitation Science (SRS). This degree program option will provide the opportunity for training of clinician-scientists who will play an important role in linking research and evidence investigation to clinical applications of new approaches in the treatment of health problems. This dual degree option will be five years in length, the first two years the student will enter the Ph.D. program and complete their course work and the comprehensive exam and will develop the plan for their thesis. The next two years will be spent in the selected professional program and during the fifth and final year the student will complete their research and undertake their Ph.D. Defense.


Students in either the MSc (OT) and Ph.D. OR the MSc (PT) and Ph.D. program will complete the professional curriculum requirements (eligible for either the Occupational Therapy or the Physiotherapy programs), and the Ph.D. curriculum requirements. The requirements for both the professional programs and the Ph.D. program are outlined in the relevant sections of the SGS Calendar. One to two students will be accepted into the Dual Degree option on a yearly basis, and reach approximately 10 students in the program at a steady state.

Program Information

The dual degree option of the Masters of Science (Occupational Therapy) and Ph.D or Masters of Science (Physiotherapy) programs and PhD is offered with specific blocks of time provided for activities in full time studies in either program. It utilizes the established curriculum in either of the professional programs and the Rehabilitation Science doctoral program.

Program Fulfillment

Fulfillment within the Occupational Therapy Program or the Physiotherapy Program (in the dual degree MSc (OT) and Ph.D. programs or the dual degree MSc (PT) and Ph.D. programs)

Students in the dual degree option must successfully undertake complete the requirements for either the Masters of Science (Occupational Therapy) or the Masters of Science (Physiotherapy) outlined in the School of Graduate Studies Calendar. They will complete both the academic and the clinical education courses in both the Occupational Therapy Program OR the Physiotherapy Program. Students who enter this dual degree option will be exempt the course requirements for evidence based practice in both the OT and PT programs.  The activities of the evidence based practice course will be replaced by coursework in research methods and analyses in the first two years followed by independent data collections and analyses during the doctoral program. This will allow students to continue with their thesis work during their professional program.

Ph.D. Program Fulfillment

(in the dual degree programs in Occupational therapy or Physiotherapy and Ph.D.)

Students must complete the requirements of the Ph.D. (RS) program, as outlined in the relevant section of Graduate Calendar, including the comprehensive examination and the submission and defense of a research thesis (the research proposal should be completed prior to entering the professional program). Students are expected to attend departmental rounds and senior seminars.

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