Jun 12, 2021  
Undergraduate Calendar 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Calendar 2020-2021

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) (B.H.Sc.) - Level 2 Transfer


Degree requirements listed below apply to Level 2 transfer students starting in September 2020.


120 units total (Levels I to IV), of which no more than 48 units may be Level I courses
Maximum 9 units of project/thesis courses in Level 3
Maximum 18 units of project/thesis courses in Level 4

Level I: 30 units

30 units completed prior to admission to the B.H.Sc. (Hons) Program

Level II: 30 Units

3 units

  • Electives

1 course

  • WHMIS 1A00 - Introduction to Health and Safety (to be completed by Level 2 transfer students who have not already completed the safety training course)


*HTHSCI 2D06 A/B replaces HTHSCI 2E03-Inquiry II: Biochemistry

Level III: 30 Units

Level IV: 30 Units