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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2021-2022 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2021-2022 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Statistics Courses

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Courses marked with a plus sign (+) may differ in content each time they are offered and may be taken a second time for graduate credit.

In the Statistics Program, there are required, elective, and special topics courses. Required courses, STATS 743  (two one-term courses) and STATS 752  (one one-term course), cover the basic theoretical concepts that are considered essential for all students. STATS 770  is another required course that develops a broad knowledge of statistics through attendance at research seminars as well as report-writing skills through critical written reviews of the seminars. The elective courses are traditional statistics courses covering a sufficient variety of topics to offer students a choice based upon their individual interests. Approved courses from other graduate programs may be taken as elective courses for graduate credit. Students concentrating in Medical Statistics will be required to take courses in Health Research Methodology, such as Fundamentals of Health Research and Evaluation Methods (HTH RS M 721 ) and Introduction to Research Methods for Randomized Controlled Trials (HTH RS M 730 ). Some Medical Sciences courses have prerequisites and limited enrolment, so students should contact the Health Research Methodology Program office at ext. 27718 before registering. Special topics courses are intended to be highly flexible and vary from year to year. They are usually offered in the areas of specialization of individual faculty members.

Graduate students taking the combined graduate/undergraduate courses STATS 6A03 , STATS 6C03 , STATS 6CI3 , STATS 6D03 , STATS 6M03  , or STATS 6P03 , for graduate credit will be required to do more work than undergraduates in the same class. The additional work may include a project, an essay, a class presentation, or a more difficult examination, at the discretion of the instructor. For the M.Sc. in Statistics, at most two 600-level courses may be taken for graduate credit. The following 600-level courses are available for the Statistics Program.

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