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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2022-2023 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2022-2023 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Business Administration Part-Time, M.B.A.

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Part-Time MBA Programs

For students wishing to complete their MBA but are unable to commit to a full-time study schedule, a part-time program is an ideal alternative.

DeGroote’s part-time MBA has been a blended learning part-time (BLPT) program since the fall of 2018.  Blended learning means that half the requirements are delivered on-line through evening webinars and other virtual means, and the other half is delivered through face-to-face, on campus, weekend residencies.  Students in the Program take six units of course work in each of three terms, per year, to complete the program in three years. The former part-time program replaced by the BLPT Program in 2018 was delivered all on-campus with conventional evening classes.

Blended Learning Part-time MBA

For students enrolled after September 2018

Length: 9 terms.  Please note this program follows a prescribed sequence.

Number of courses/units: 21 courses/55.5 units

Admission Criteria

Applicants to the BLPT MBA are expected to meet the following requirements/provide the following required documentation:

  • Degree: Completion of an Honours Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
  • GPA: Recommended B average (equivalent to a McMaster 8.0 GPA out of 12) or higher. GPA will be calculated using the two most recent years of undergraduate or graduate study, 20 courses, or the equivalent of 60 academic credits. A combination may be used and is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • GMAT: Not required. Candidates who fail to meet the above GPA criteria or who wish to strengthen their application may wish to submit a GMAT.
    • GMAT is required for non-degree applicants. See Admission Requirements.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency: Required for applicants:
    • Whose previous degree was not completed with the language of instruction of English.
    • Who have been resident in an English-speaking country for less than four years.
    • Who have completed less than three years of full-time post-secondary education with English as the primary language of instruction, excluding ESL courses.
  • Acceptable English Language Proficiency Tests:
    • Academic IELTS
    • TOEFL
  • Work Experience: Recommended minimum of 4 years post-graduate work experience.
  • References: Applicants are encouraged to seek two professional (current or former direct supervisor or manger) references. Academic reference can be submitted if two professional are not available.
  • Interview: Applicants are required to complete an online interview prior to submission of their application.
  • Prospective applicants who do not meet the normal admission requirements, should consult the Program Director to discuss how their work experience might be assessed to make up for insufficient standing in their undergraduate degree, you may be considered a non-degree applicant. Please refer to Section 2.1.1 of the Graduate Calendar on this matter.

Please note: meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Program specific notes:

Meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

This program offers non-elective courses in a Blended Learning format. Students are required to engage in on-line learning activities, in addition to attending 3 mandatory weekend residencies per term.

Please note that it is not possible to transfer from the BLPT Program to other MBA Programs (MBA, MBA with Co-op or Accelerated MBA). Please speak with program staff to ensure this is the best program option for you.

Required Courses

Term 6 (6 units)

Elective credit* (3 units)

Term 8 (6 units)

Elective credit* (3 units)

BLPT Electives

*12 units of elective credit are to be taken from one of the 3 categories below:

2. Other Electives

Electives in this category will be offered in person (*with the exception of courses marked with an asterisk, which are offered online) and not through the weekend residency/online blended format model.

3. Special Research Project

Students can complete an independent study under the supervision of a faculty member.
There is no thesis requirement for graduation in the MBA program. However, a student in third year of the BLPT program may undertake, with the prior approval of the appropriate instructor, Area Chair, and Associate Dean of Business, to develop an original paper, research study, or project in an area directly associated with their program of study. Special Research Projects must be supervised by a faculty member. Credit for one third-year course will be granted upon satisfactory completion of the project. In order to make best use of this opportunity the student must plan the research and contact a faculty member in the session preceding the one in which they intend to register for the special research project. *BLPT students are permitted to take only one Special Research Project as an elective.  The remaining three electives must be taken from either the Blended Format Elective list or Other Elective list (see items #1 and #2 above). 

BUSINESS A719 / Independent Research Project in Accounting
BUSINESS B719 / Independent Research Project in Organizational Behaviour
BUSINESS C719 / Independent Research Project in Health Sciences Management 
BUSINESS E719 / Independent Research Project in Business Economics 
BUSINESS F719 / Independent Research Project in Finance 
BUSINESS H719 / Independent Research Project in Human Resources Management 
BUSINESS I719 / Independent Research Project in International Business 
BUSINESS K719 / Independent Research Project in Management Information Systems 
BUSINESS M719 / Independent Research Project in Marketing
BUSINESS O719 / Independent Research Project in Operations Management 
BUSINESS P719 / Independent Research Project in Business Environment and Policy 
BUSINESS V719 / Independent Research Project in Strategic Business Valuation

Part-Time MBA

For students enrolled on or before September 2016

Length: Variable. It takes most students 4 to 5 years, but students have a maximum of 8 years to complete the program.

Number of courses: 20

Program specific requirements: Work experience helps, but is not required.

Program specific notes:

  • You can take a maximum of 2 classes per term.
  • You may have the option of taking complete terms off. Please consult an Academic Advisor.
  • Evening courses are held once a week and usually run from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Students admitted prior to September 2016 are not permitted to transfer into the Blended Learning Part-time Program.

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