Dec 09, 2023  
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2022-2023 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2022-2023 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Midwifery Courses

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Consolidation Courses (Required)

Consolidation courses are generally taken in a student’s final semester (or final two semesters, in the case of MIDWIF 708) after completion of all course work. However, work on consolidation projects will occur throughout the student’s time in the degree program in both the program’s core courses and as a longitudinal activity. MIDWIF 707 and 708 act as placeholders in the student’s final term (or final two terms, in the case of MIDWIF 708) to provide them with dedicated time to complete their consolidation project. Students who require additional terms to work on their projects may be eligible for SGS 700, an additional placeholder course for consolidation project work.

MIDWIF 707  Capstone portfolio (Course-Based Program Stream)
MIDWIF 708  Thesis (Thesis-Based Program Stream)

Fully Online Electives

  • MIDWIF 713  Advanced midwifery management of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
    MIDWIF 714  Well-infant primary care beyond the neonatal period
    MIDWIF 715  Advanced midwifery-led sexual and reproductive health care
    MIDWIF 719  Trauma and violence-informed care
    MIDWIF 720  Community centred care
    MIDWIF 721  Advanced topics in mental health, substance use, and concurrent disorders
    MIDWIF 722  Advanced topics in diabetes in pregnancy
    MIDWIF 723  Advanced topics in mental health in pregnancy and postpartum

Hybrid (Online and In-Person in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) Electives

MIDWIF 711  Point of Care Ultrasound in Maternity Care
MIDWIF 712  Surgical Assistant in Obstetrics: C-Section

Hybrid (Online and In-Person) Canada-wide Placement Electives

Requires application to the program a minimum of four months in advance of the start of the term in which the student wishes to complete the placement/practicum. The program will work with the student to identify potential placements/practicums that meet the students’ interests, needs, and preferences. Placements/practicums will be unpaid and can be arranged across Canada. International placements may be possible in restricted circumstances. Students interested in international placements should contact the program for further details. Clinical practicums will require that the student is registered to practise midwifery in the jurisdiction of their practicum. All placement/practicum courses will include completion of online course work and in-person placement/practicum activities.

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