Jun 14, 2024  
Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Concurrent Certificate in Applied Social Sciences Research

Faculty of Social Sciences

Kenneth Taylor Hall, Room 129


This certificate aims to provide opportunities for interested students to acquire broader exposure and competencies in applied research methods to meet the needs of the labour market and student interests. Upon completion, students will have had the opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding of the following competencies, along with ability to apply them in practice:
• Identify and define appropriate methods for studying a wide range of topics;
• Define and operationalize concepts;
• Statistical/quantitative data analysis (including the use of software);
• Qualitative data analysis (including the use of software);
• Create original surveys/questionnaires;
• Identify, gather and clean (original and secondary) data;
• Presentation of research findings.

Certificate Requirements

Any McMaster student in an undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Social Sciences or in a Combined Honours degree program with a Social Sciences subject may declare the certificate, at the time of graduation, and upon completion of the following courses. Non-McMaster credit may not be utilized in fulfilment of certificate requirements.
Students are advised to consult with the Undergraduate Chair or Academic Advisor for their program of study in Social Sciences to ensure individual courses (such as their project plan for an Independent Study course) meet the criteria of a research course.


15-18 units total

3 units

Foundations Course in Research Methods in the Social Sciences

6-9 units

Research Methods and/or Analysis Courses