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Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Honours iArts (Integrated Arts) (B.A.)

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Completion of any Level 1 program and a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 including successful completion of either IARTS 1PA3  or IARTS 1PB3 , and a minimum grade of C in one course from the following list: IARTS 1HA3 IARTS 1CR3 , IARTS 1T03 , IARTS 1BD3 , IARTS 1SS3 .


  1. All iARTS students will receive exposure to a range of arts disciplines throughout their four years of study.
  2. Before choosing courses, students should become familiar with prerequisites that will determine course selection in the subsequent year(s).
  3. Students may apply in Level III to enroll in 6 units of Level IV iARTS Capstone Project, but it is not a requirement of the BA.

iARTS Course Lists

iARTS Investigations Course List B

  • IARTS 3AD3 - Acting as Devising II
  • IARTS 3BA3 - Book Arts
  • IARTS 3CE3 - Concentrated Study Ceramics
  • IARTS 3CH3 - Cinema History from WWII
  • IARTS 3CW3 - Colours of the World
  • IARTS 3DA3 - Arts and Spaces for Dwelling and Activities
  • IARTS 3EA3 Social Practice and Community-Engaged Art  
  • IARTS 3EC3 - Early Cinema History
  • IARTS 3FI3 - Fashion and Identity
  • IARTS 3FO3 - Concentrated Study Foundry
  • IARTS 3GE3 - Contemporary Arts and The Global Economy
  • IARTS 3IA3 - Indigenous Art and Visual Culture in Canada
  • IARTS 3ID3 - Integrated Dimensional Media Concentration
  • IARTS 3IM3 - Integrated Media Concentration
  • IARTS 3IN3 - Concentrated Study Intaglio
  • IARTS 3IP3 - Intercultural Performance Practices
  • IARTS 3LC3 - Local Canadian Contemporary Art & Performance
  • IARTS 3RR3 ‘Cripping’ Performance: Deaf, Mad and Disabled Performance in Canada  

iARTS Investigations Course List C


120 units total

30 units

  • from the Level I program completed prior to admission into the program

3 units

  • IARTS 2PC3 - Perspectives C: Arts in the Community
  • IARTS 2PD3 - Perspectives D: Arts Across Disciplines

12 units

  • from iARTS Investigations Course List A

3 units

  • IARTS 3PE3 - Perspectives E: Arts in Society; Equity and Inclusion

3 units

  • IARTS 4PF3 Perspectives F: Arts in Society; Seminar and Independent Research

6 units

  • from iARTS Investigations Course List C, or may include the following:
    • IARTS 4CO6 Thesis Project

39 units

  • Elective

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