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Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Calendar 2023-2024

Concurrent Certificate in Applied Linguistics

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The Applied Linguistics Certificate (ALC) is designed to prepare undergraduate students from Linguistics and Languages, as well as other disciplines, to work on practical and applied issues that involve language related services and projects. Students who obtain the certificate will be able to contribute to teamwork identifying and solving language challenges related to educational policies, international relations, and novel communication technologies. The Certificate will recognize students for having gained skills in applied language studies and critical reasoning about linguistic issues, the development of policy recommendations, working within multi-disciplinary teams, and engaging with relevant stakeholders. 

Certificate Requirements

Any student in an undergraduate program at McMaster may declare the certificate at the time of graduation and upon satisfaction of each of the following requirements: 

1. Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate program at McMaster University. 
2. Students must have completed 18 units of Linguistics courses listed below, including 6 units of introductory Level I courses (LINGUIST 1A03  and 1AA3 ; or 1Z03  and 1Z03 ; or 1E03  and 1EE3 ) and 3 units of LINGUIST 3AA3  (formerly 4AA3). 


1. Students enrolled in Linguistics and the Cognitive Science of Language programs must take at least 6 units (2 courses) designated for the certificate beyond the requirements of their programs. 
2. Students wishing to complete both should note that no more than 6 units (the required LINGUIST 1A03  and 1AA3 ) may be double-counted toward both the Certificate’s requirements and the Minor in Linguistics. 
3. Students opting for the certificate program are free to request transfer credit in lieu of any other certificate course requirement. In consultation with their Faculty Advising Office, the student may submit such a request to the undergraduate counsellor in the Linguistics and Cognitive Science of Language programs (via lingdept@mcmaster.ca) at any time. 
4. It is entirely the student’s responsibility to make sure that at the time of graduation, all requirements of the certificate as enumerated above have been fulfilled. 


18 units total

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