Jul 21, 2024  
Undergraduate Calendar 2024-2025 
Undergraduate Calendar 2024-2025

Honours Philosophy and Mathematics (B.A.)

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Completion of any Level I program and a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0; and successful completion of one of MATH 1A03 , 1LS3  or 1X03 ; and one of MATH 1AA3 , 1LT3 , or 1XX3  with a grade of at least C+ (see Note 4 below); and a grade of at least C in three units of Level I Philosophy or, if no such course was taken, in three units of work acceptable to the Department of Philosophy.


  1. Students are advised to note carefully the prerequisites for all courses. Students are also advised to take note that not all courses are offered every year. Please consult the university Master Timetable.
  2. MATH 1B03  and MATH 1C03  must be completed by the end of Level II. Completion in Level 1 is strongly recommended.
  3. Upon completion of 60 units of work and with the approval of the Department of Philosophy and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, one or both terms of Level III may be replaced by courses of study at a designated university abroad.
  4. Students seeking admission to the program should note that MATH 1A03  and 1AA3  were designed for Chemical & Physical Science Gateway students and MATH 1LS3  and 1LT3  were developed for Life Sciences or Earth & Environmental Sciences Gateway students. Math 1A03 and 1AA3 prepare students for a wide variety of upper year math courses. Math 1LS3 and 1LT3 prepare students for many (but not all) upper year mathematics courses. As a result, students who take Math 1LS3 and 1LT3 are permitted to enroll in upper year courses, but some self-study of first year calculus topics (such as series and additional integration topics) may be required.


Students who entered the Honours Philosophy and Mathematics (B.A.) program prior to September 2024 should refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for the year of program entry and their personal Advisement Report for program requirements.

120 units total (Levels I to IV), of which 48 units may be Level I

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