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Undergraduate Calendar 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Calendar 2013-2014 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Undergraduate Calendar 2013-2014

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This calendar covers the period from September 2013 to August 2014.

Using the Calendar

Please read carefully all sections in this Calendar which pertain to your residency at McMaster University. Some sections describe University-wide procedures and regulations, and include Sessional Dates, Degrees, Courses and Programs, Admission Requirements, Application Procedures and General Academic Regulations. Other important sections include Degrees by Program, Glossary, Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information, Senate Policy Statements, and Financial Information and appear in Additional Calendar Information. The next sections begin with descriptions of the Arts and Science Program, the DeGroote School of Business, the Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences Faculties. The program section concludes with a description of Interdisciplinary Minors and Thematic Areas and Certificate and Diploma Programs. Each program section describes the undergraduate degree program requirements by department. The Course Listings section completes the academic part of the Calendar and includes course descriptions sorted alphabetically by subject.

When choosing your courses, please be careful to note all prerequisites, antirequisites, corequisites and cross-listings; they may have a significant impact on your program.

If you are unsure of the meanings of these terms, please consult the Glossary section of the Calendar. Information about awards, scholarships, bursaries; loan funding, University services, the libraries, residences, computing facilities, and student activities and organizations are included in the latter sections of this Calendar.

Release from Liability

McMaster University reserves the right to change or revise information contained in this Calendar, including the alteration of fee structures, schedules and/or courses. The University reserves the right to limit enrolment in, or admission to, any course or program at any level.

The University will not be liable for any interruption in, or cancellation of, any academic activities as set forth in this Calendar and related information where such interruption is caused by fire, strike, lock-out, inability to procure materials or trades, restrictive laws or governmental regulations, actions taken by the faculty, staff or students of the University or by others, civil unrest or disobedience, or  any other cause of any kind beyond the reasonable control of the University.

University Policies

Acceptance of the University’s policies, and changes that may be approved from time to time by the Board of Governors and the Senate, is a condition of being accepted in any capacity in any University-controlled laboratory or program. This includes but is not limited to the McMaster University Intellectual Property Policy http://ip.mcmaster.ca/.

Looking for a Different Calendar?

Online undergraduate calendars dating back to 2013-14 are available on this website by using drop-down box at the top right-hand side of this screen (select the calendar year you require). Archived copies from 1978-2014 are available as PDF documents on the Registrar’s Office Undergraduate Calendar PDF Archive site. The School of Graduate Studies Calendar is available by clicking the drop-down menu at the top right-hand side of your screen and selecting School of Graduate Studies Calendar. If you have any trouble locating a calendar, please email academic.calendars@mcmaster.ca.