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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2020-2021 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2020-2021 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]


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The Graduate Program in Nursing provides the opportunity for advanced education and research in Nursing. M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree programs are offered on a full-time and part-time basis. The M.Sc. program allows selected students to obtain the extra requirements for the neonatal critical care specialist certificate. Those specializing as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner may apply for advanced credit toward an M.Sc. Our programs provide students with the opportunity to become clinical health science investigators in Nursing, contributing to the development of the theoretical basis of practice and to the development and evaluation of health care interventions and programs.

Students in the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs can declare their intentions to focus within one of the following three areas of excellence. They are:

  1. Illness Prevention and Management
    Health promotion, illness prevention and chronic disease management are proactive approaches to health care. These approaches may involve strategies at the individual, family, and community levels. Health promotion and illness prevention strategies are focused on keeping people well and preventing illness. Scholars engaged in research in this area of excellence are committed to developing an understanding of preferences for care; interventions to promote health of individuals, families and communities; and interventions aimed at supporting those living with acute or chronic conditions.
  2. Health Equity and Disparity
    Health equity occurs when individuals, locally or globally, have the opportunity to maximize their full health potential. Health disparities occur when there is a difference in health status between two groups. Health equity and health disparities are influenced by the social determinants of heath and the conditions in which people live, work, and play. Scholars engaged in research in this area of excellence are committed to defining, measuring, understanding and addressing health disparities particularly in populations disadvantaged due to socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability status, geographic location or a combination of the above. This includes advancing interventions, programs, and policies that promote resiliency, access, social justice, and health equity.
  3. Health Systems Innovation
    Health systems or health services research aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care system through changes to practice and policy. Scholars engaged in research in this area of excellence are committed to the  development, implementation, and evaluation of
    innovative interventions as well as the translation of this knowledge to support optimal health service provision and improved health care  outcomes.

For those students wishing to pursue a graduate level advanced nursing practice program, graduate diplomas are offered in the following fields of specialization: Advanced Neonatal Nursing, and Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner, details of which are set out under the Graduate Diploma Programs section at the back of this Calendar.

The Ontario Public Hospitals Act requires that all persons working in a hospital setting meet certain criteria regarding surveillance for infectious diseases. In order for the requirement of the legislation to be met, once students have been enrolled in the Nursing Program they must complete Pre-Clinical Communicable Disease Screening.

More information will be sent to specific applicants prior to registration. Specific questions can be directed to the Health Sciences Graduate Programs Office.

E-mail: gradson@mcmaster.ca
Website: https://nursing.mcmaster.ca/programs/graduate

Faculty/Fall 2020


Andrea Baumann, B.Sc.N. (Windsor), M.Sc.N. (Western), Ph.D.(Toronto)
Maureen Dobbins, B.Sc.N. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Toronto)
Sharon Kaasalainen, B.Sc.N., (McMaster), M.Sc. (Toronto),Ph.D. (McMaster)
Maureen Markle-Reid, B.Sc.N., (McMaster), M.Sc.N. (Toronto),Ph.D. (McMaster)
Jenny Ploeg, B.Sc.N.,M.Sc.N. (Western), Ph.D. (Toronto)
Ruta Valaitis, B.A., B.Sc.N. (Windsor), M.H.Sc. (McMaster), Ph.D.(Toronto)
Susan Jack, B.Sc.N. (Alberta), Ph.D. (McMaster)

Associate Professors

Noori Akhtar-Danesh, B.Sc. (Ferdowsi, Iran), M.Sc. (Shiraz, Iran),Ph.D. (Newcastle, U.K.)
Pamela Baxter, B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier), B.Sc.N., M.Sc., Ph.D.(McMaster)
Denise Bryant-Lukosius, B.Sc.N., (McMaster), M.Sc.N. (D’Youville), Ph.D. (McMaster)
Michelle Butt, B.Sc., B.N. (Memorial), M.Sc. (Queen’s), Ph.D.(McMaster)
Sandra Carroll, B.Sc.N. (University of Toronto), Ph.D. (McMaster)
Nancy Carter, B.Sc.N. (McMaster), M.Sc. (D’Youville), Ph.D. (McMaster)
Ruth Chen, BA (University of California, Berkeley), MSN (Yale University), Ph.D. (McMaster)
Michael McGillion, B.Sc.N. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Toronto)
Diana Sherifali, B.Sc.N., Ph.D. (McMaster)
Jennifer M. Skelly, R.N. (Barrie), M.H.Sc., M.Sc. (McMaster), Ph.D.(Toronto)
Patricia Strachan, B.Sc.N. (McMaster), M.Sc. (Guelph), Ph.D. (McMaster)
Bernice Downey, RN (McMaster), B.Sc.N. (University of Ottawa), Ph.D. (McMaster)
Olive Wahoush, M.Sc. (Ulster), Ph.D. (Toronto)


Assistant Professors

Sheila Boamah, BScN (University of Windsor), PhD (Western University)
Kathy Fisher, B. Comm. (McMaster), M.A.Sc. (Waterloo), M.Sc. (Toronto), PhD (McMaster)
Rebecca Ganann, RN, BScN, MSc, PhD (McMaster)
Ruth Hannon, B.N.Sc. (Queen’s), M.H.A. (New South Wales), M.Sc. (FNP) (D’Youville)
Maria Pratt, R.N., BA (McMaster), B.Sc.N. (McMaster), M.Sc.N. (Western), Ph.D. (McMaster)
Lynn Martin, B.Sc.N. (McMaster), M.Sc. N. (Western), Ph.D. (Toronto)
Naomi Thulien, B.N. (Athabasca), M.N. (Athabasca), Ph.D. (University of Toronto) 
Joanna Pierazzo, B.Sc.N. (Western), M.Sc.N. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Western)


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