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School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2020-2021 
School of Graduate Studies Calendar, 2020-2021 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Public Health

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The Master of Public Health teaches students skills and knowledge in population and public health research and practice.

MPH students will learn to:

  • analyze and interpret health and other relevant data and information from a number of sources relevant to policy, planning, evaluation and research in population and public health
  • investigate issues of population and public health concern;
  • evaluate and utilize evidence to identify options, make decisions and defend their position and
  • consult regarding public health research methods, planning and evaluation, policy development and implementation, and public health program management.


The MPH is completed as a generalist degree or in one of these areas of focus:

  • policy/management
  • environmental health
  • public health research methods


Career Opportunities
Graduates of the MPH will be prepared to compete for positions in public health and health care organizations and apply for doctoral studies in population and public health related fields.


Enquiries: 905 525-9140 Ext. 26428
E-mail: askmph@mcmaster.ca
Website: http://www.fhs.mcmaster.ca/ceb/mph


Faculty/Fall 2020


Professors HEI (Full and Joint)

Julia Abelson, MSc (Harvard), PhD (Bath)
Mark Loeb, MD (McGill), MSc (McMaster)
Holger Schunemann, MD (Hanover), MSc, PhD (Buffalo)
Lisa Schwartz, MA (McGill), PhD (Glasgow)
Lehana Thabane, MSc (Sheffield), PhD (Western)


Professors Associates of HEI

Maureen Dobbins, Department of Nursing, PhD (Toronto)
Lorraine Elit, Department of Oncology, MD (Western)  
Michel Grignon, Department of Political Science, MA (France), PhD (France)
Paola Muti, Department of Oncology, MD (Pisa), MSc (Buffalo)
Marek Smieja, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, HSBc (Toronto), DC (Toronto), MSc (Toronto), PhD (McMaster)
Andrew Worster, Department of Medicine, MSc (New Brunswick), MD (Dalhousie), MSc (McMaster)


Professors with other Departments and Faculty

John Cairney, Department of Family Medicine, MA (Queen’s), PhD (Western)
Nancy Doubleday, Department of Philosophy, PhD (Queen’s)
Jim Dunn, Department of Health Aging & Society, MA (McMaster), PhD (Simon Fraser)
Bruce Newbold, School of Geography and Earth Sciences, PhD (McMaster)
Julie Richardson, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, MSc (New Zealand), PhD (Toronto)
Arthur Sweetman, Department of Economics (& CHEPA), BEng (McGill), MA (McMaster), PhD (McMaster)
Susan Watt, Department of Social Work, BA (Toronto), MSW (Toronto), DSW (California)


Professors HEI Part-Time

Peter Donnelly, MBBS (Scotland), MBA (Scotland), MPH (Wales), MD (Scotland)
Steven Hoffman, MA (Toronto), JD (Toronto), PhD (Harvard)
Mackenzie Slifierz, PhD (Guelph), MSc (Guelph)
Rachel Roy, MSc (Northern Ireland), PgDip (Northern Ireland)
Sally Radisic, PhD 


Associate Professors HEI (Full and Joint)

Emma Apatu, Department of HEI, Dr.P.H (Tennessee), MPH (Emory)
Jason Busse, Department of Anesthesiology, MD (Western), MSc (McMaster), PhD (McMaster)
Lauren Griffith, Department of HEI, BS (Michigan), MS (Michigan), PhD (Toronto)


Associate Professors Associates of HEI

Gina Agarwal, Department of Family Medicine, MBBS (London), DFFP (London), PhD (McMaster)
Ellen Amster, Department of Family Medicine, MA (Pennsylvania), PhD (Pennsylvania)
Kathy Georgiades, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences, MSc (Oregon), PhD (Oregon),
Magdalena Janus, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences, MSc (Jagiellonian), PhD (Cambridge)
Dominik Mertz, Department of Medicine, MD (Switzerland), MSc
Zena Samaan, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, PhD (UK)
Hsien Seow,  Department of Oncology, PhD (Baltimore)


Associate Professors with other Departments and Faculty

Sarah Dickson, Department of Civil Engineering, PhD (Waterloo)
Saara Greene, Department of Social Work, MSW (Manitoba), MSW (McGill), PhD (Edinburgh)
Lydia Hatcher, Department of Family Medicine, MD (Memorial)
Tim O’Shea, Department of Medicine, MD (McMaster), MPH (Harvard), BSc (Guelph)
Olive Wahoush, School of Nursing, RN (Ireland), RSCN, MSc (Ireland), PhD (Toronto)

Assistant Professors HEI Full-Time and Joint

Elizabeth Alvarez, MPH (Ohio), MD (Ohio)
Laura Anderson, MSc (Western), PhD (Toronto)
Andrew Costa, PhD (Waterloo)
Russell de Souza, MSc (Toronto), ScD (Harvard)
Emmanuel Guindon, MA (Victoria), PhD (McMaster)
Cynthia Lokker, MSc (McMaster), PhD (Windsor)
Lawrence Mbuagbaw, MD (Cameroon), MPH (Israel), PhD (McMaster)
Nancy Santesso, MLIS (Western), PhD (McMaster)
Romina Brignardello-Petersen, DDS (Chile), MSc (Chile), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Assistant Professors with other Departments and Faculty

Chelsea Gabel, Department of Health Aging and Society, MA (Windsor), PhD (McMaster)


Assistant Professors HEI Part-Time

Paul Alexander, MHSc (Toronto), M.Sc. (Oxford), PhD (McMaster)
Fadi El-Jardali, PhD (Carleton)
Julie Emili, MD (McMaster), MSc (McMaster)
Andrea Feller, MD (Johns Hopkins), MS
Jessica Hopkins, MD (Western), MSc (Toronto)
Valerie Jaeger, MD, PhD (McGill), MPH (Waterloo)
Hamidah Meghani, MPH (Columbia), MD (McMaster)
Sally Radisic, MSc (Ryerson), PhD (McMaster)
Steven Rebellato, MSc (Ryerson), PhD (Waterloo)
Elizabeth Richardson, MSc (Toronto), MD (Western)
Emma Richardson, PhD (Toronto)
Rachel Roy, Msc (Ulster)
Mackenize Slifierz, MSc (Guleph), PhD (Guelph)
Ninh Tran, MSc (McMaster), MD (Queens)
Hsiu-Li Wang, MD (Laval)


Assistant Professors with other Departments and Faculty Part-Time

Sandy Isaacs, School of Nursing, MSc (Western), PhD (McMaster)
Catherine Munn, Department of Psychiatry, MD (McMaster), MSc (McMaster)
Danielle Soucy, Department of Family Medicine, MA (Trent)

Professor Emeritus HEI

Ann McKibbon, MLS (Western), PhD (Pittsburgh)


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